The World’s Most Adventurous Places

With the trend for adrenalin activities and new experiences continuing, many travelers are actively seeking out the world’s most adventurous places for their next vacation. High octane activities, glorious scenery, a good infrastructure, and never a dull moment to be had are all features of most adventurous places.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or enjoying some armchair thrills and spills, check out this list of the world’s most adventurous places:

Queenstown, New Zealand

Often said to be the most adventurous city in the world, New Zealand’s Queenstown is home to a fantastic assortment of heart racing adventure activities. And, it does not matter what time of year you visit – you will still find something to give you kicks! As well as winter skiing and snowboarding, you can go hiking with snow shoes, sledding, and try some ultra exciting snow tubing! Combing skies and slopes, heli-boarding and heli-skiing let you get to places that you can only access from above. Scenic hiking and cycling are possible in the summer months, with fear inducing sky diving and awesome hang gliding also on offer. Ride the white water rapids, try river boarding, and have the jump of your life with exhilarating bungee jump. You may also like to take a ride on the world’s biggest swing!

Interlaken, Switzerland

Snuggly situated in the stunning Swiss Alps, Interlaken is within close proximity to many hiking trails, great terrain for mountain biking, and climbing opportunities aplenty. For wilder activities, the town certainly does not disappoint! There are high adventures, those on the land, and those on the water. Try hang gliding, paragliding, and skydiving. For those who want to enjoy the bird’s eye views of the snow capped mountains without fearing for their life, there are also scenic pleasure flights in light aircraft. Take to the waterways for kayaking, tubing, canoeing, white water rafting, wakeboarding, and canyoning. On dry land, try canyon jumping, bungee jumping, glacier hiking, high rope courses, ice climbing, and a nail-biting Via Ferrata.

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

The vast area of Patagonia spans parts of Chile and Argentina, from the Andes down to the end of the world! Many people visit simply for the amazing and other-worldly landscapes, but if you are looking to combine adventure sports and activities with breathtaking and beautiful nature, you will love Patagonia! Hike in national parks, hike on glaciers, try both regular rock climbing and mountain climbing, race along on a charging steed, lose your head for height with paragliding, get wet and wild with kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting, see what you can catch with some unique fishing opportunities, and scuba dive in exceptional waters.

Cairns, Australia

As well as being a major gateway for the spectacular and awesome Great Barrier Reef, where you can snorkel and scuba dive, the city also offers a plethora of other adventure activities. Go tubing, white water rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, sky diving, horse riding, and more! You can enjoy the country’s only bungee jump, and perhaps explore the rainforests by ATVs.

Death Road, Bolivia

Whilst this destination does not include many different activities, it has been included due to the very nature of the main pursuit to be tried. Cycle along the infamous Death Road, dice with demise, and cheat the Grim Reaper as you bike the world’s most dangerous road. Dramatic drops, hair pin bends, and gorgeous scenery will unfold as you bravely undertake the journey. Tours are available that include full support and safety measures. It is certainly not an activity for the faint of heart!

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