A Weekend in Shanghai

Shanghai is the new China‘s new and hyper modern metropolis. It sits near to the east coast, on the Yangtze River estuary. It is a pulsating centre for culture, the economy, tourism, finance, and trade. As China’s most modern city, a weekend in Shanghai offers so many things for visitors to enjoy. It offers an exciting, intriguing, and sensual blend of east meeting west.

Glimpses can still be seen of ancient China amidst the uber-modern buildings and skyscrapers. Many of the city’s highlights can be taken in within a relatively short space of time. Here are some ideas for what sights to see during a weekend in Shanghai:

People’s Square

Known in Chinese as Renmin Guangchang, the square is filled with impressive buildings. You can still see evidence of the former colonisation. The City Hall is a grand building near to the square, and the Shanghai Grand Theatre is an elegant and proud structure, with an ornate curved roof that dominates the local skyline.

The Bund

The Bund is one of the most well known streets in Asia. It is crammed with different architectural styles, and a walk along the street offers a visual feast and numerous photo opportunities.

The Bund

Grand Gothic buildings, Art Deco designs, romantic Renaissance styles, classical European structures, and modern blocks all sit side by side.

The Old Town

The heart of the old Chinese City, Shanghai’s Old Town offers a maze of sprawling and jumbled streets, centred around the temple area. Smell incense burning, see busy vendors, taste some delicious street food delicacies, and feel like you really have been transported to a different time.

There are quaint reconstructed shops, appearing as they did years ago, the lovely lake pavilion teahouse, and the charming Bridge of Nine Turnings. A classical Chinese garden offers the perfect spot for rest, relaxation, and contemplation.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

One of the city’s premier attractions, the epic Shanghai Museum offers a staggering array of exhibits and displays, contained within 11 different large rooms.

Jade Buddha

Housed inside the Yufo Si Temple is a spectacular and large Jade Buddha. It is very impressive. The temple attracts many tourists.

See Shanghai from Above

SWFC Shanghai Skyline

You cannot visit Shanghai without stopping by one of the observation takes for excellent panoramic views of the city. The Shanghai World Financial Centre and the Jin Mao Tower are two great places to ride to dizzying heights for even more dizzying views. A walk along the Lupu Bridge is another favourite spot to enjoy the city views.

French Concession

The French Concession is one of the loveliest parts of Shanghai. Mansions stand proudly on leafy green boulevards, and it is easy to see how grand the city was during French colonial rule.

Shanghai French Concession

With many things to do on a weekend in Shanghai, you will surely have lots of fun and take away many memories from this captivating city.

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