A Weekend in Rome

Italy’s Rome is a popular tourist destination for many reasons – wandering around is really like taking a step back in time, with an abundance of interesting ancient buildings, museums crammed with artifacts, fascinating statues, and gorgeous views. You can hit the highlights with a weekend in Rome, as well as having the time to sample some of the delicious cuisine, fine Italian wines, and night life.

Try and arrange centrally located accommodation to reduce travelling time during the days and to enable you to really maximize your time in the Eternal City.

Some highlights of a weekend in Rome include:

The Trevi Fountain

A glorious testament to Roman art and culture, the magnificent Trevi Fountain is known for being one of the most beautiful fountains around the world. The level of detail is amazing, and legend says that if you throw a coin into the waters that you are sure to return to incredible Rome one day!

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is still used for events today, having stood the test of time since its construction during the mighty Roman era. The round arena today evokes images of fearless gladiatorial battles and powerful events. Wander through the arches and around the pillars and marvel at the strength that the Colisseum exudes. A visit at sunset is particularly impressive.

The Vatican

The walled city of the Vatican is filled with numerous treasures and delights, and is the home of the Catholic Church. Some places not to miss within the revered Vatican include the stunning Sistine Chapel, (don’t forget to look up!), the outstanding Basilica, and the nearby charming St Peter’s Square. There are several museums too, and it is easy for time to fly as you are admiring the exhibits – consider choosing a few displays to spend time looking at, and then move on to make sure that you don’t miss other parts of the city. The mighty fortress of Sant Angelo Castle stands proudly overlooking the city, and the views that it affords are simply breath taking. Explore the impressive building, admiring many statues as you go.


Today an important site for Christians, this magnificent religious building was once a major site for Romans to worship and pay homage to their deities. Combining the old and the new, it is a sight not to be missed.

Via Condotti

Overflowing with stylish and elegant shops, wander along this fantastic street and admire the various items on display. Even if you do not plan on buying anything, it is a truly great place for browsing and window shopping.

Piazza Navona

Here you will find an enormous artists’ market. See local artisans at work, be blown away by the fine details and beauty, and consider picking up some terrific souvenirs from your trip to Rome. There is a terrific selection of goods to choose between, from exclusive and unique modern pieces, to cheaper mass produced goods.

Palatine Hill

The historic heart of ancient Rome, many past emperors called this place home. As well as being able to soak up the historic atmosphere you can enjoy the sweeping views of Rome.


This is the place to go for some lively and exciting night life when visiting Rome. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, it offers a fabulous fun filled night!

Tick these terrific places of your list and enjoy your wonderful weekend in Rome!

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