Ways to Meet Other Travellers

Solo travel can be the perfect way to discover new places completely under your own steam, learn more about yourself and the world around you, and create many fabulous memories for the rest of your life. With so many people now undertaking solo adventures, it is also an ideal way to meet new friends.

There are numerous ways to meet other travellers. Whether you are looking for someone to have dinner with, spend a few days sightseeing with, or take a longer journey with, meeting other solo travelers can be really rewarding – and very easy!

Even when travelling alone there is no need to ever feel lonely.

Use these handy tips on ways to meet other travellers to set you on the path to a whole host of new experiences and friendships:

Stay in Hostels

As well as being great for the budget conscious traveller, hostels are also an ideal place to meet new like-minded people. A dormitory room is great as you will automatically meet several new people in one go. If you are not comfortable, however, sharing a room with strangers many hostels also have private rooms. Even if you opt for a private room you can still meet people by hanging out in communal areas and heading for breakfast when others do.

Join a Tour

Whether you take a tour for a single day, a few days, or longer, an organized tour throws you together with a bunch of new people, some of whom you are sure to hit it off with. Only spend your money though on a tour that will really interest you, as you want to have fun as well as meeting new people. In addition, it also means that you are likely to meet people who share similar interests and tastes as yourself.

Take a Class

Similar to tours, classes can be an ideal way to meet people whilst also learning more about an interest that you have. If you have a burning ambition to be a culinary whizz, sign up for a cooking class. If exploring the ocean deep is more your thing, get your diving certification. If you want to learn the lingo like a local, take language lessons. Many types of hobbies and interests are catered for, including sports tuition, dancing, singing, and more!

Think About Where You Eat and Drink

When travelling solo, it can often be daunting going out for a meal or a quick drink on your own. Choose your spot carefully. The choice of restaurant or bar is important – if it is empty, you won’t meet anyone, but if it is full it can also be difficult to mingle and hear! Choose somewhere that has a decent crowd, and where there are other people sitting alone. Sit at a common table, at the bar, or near to another person – without being creepy! Proximity makes it so much easier to smile and strike up a conversation. Take a book with you in case you don’t find anyone to chat with, but be careful not to sit completely engrossed to the point where you seem disinterested or stand-offish.

Be Open and Receptive to Meeting People

A friendly smile can open so many doors. A cheery hello or a welcoming nod can also work wonders. People who look friendly and willing to chat attract others, whereas those who look shy and afraid will often go unnoticed. Don’t be shy to cast your eyes around every so often and don’t be nervous of making eye contact with people.

Look at Online Forums

There are several forums dedicated to helping travellers hook up in different places all around the world. There are also those that advertise events and activities aimed at solo travellers, so you know that there will be many other people there in the same boat as you and looking to meet people.

Remember, there are various ways to meet other travellers, and it is so much easier to meet people when you are alone than when you are in a group or with a friend. People naturally tend to make more effort to find company when alone. Don’t rule out talking to anyone, and have fun on your journeys.

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