Treat Yourself to Coffee in Vienna

Although it’s not a famous coffee-producing nation, like, for example, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, people in Austria sure know how to drink coffee! If you’re looking for a charming city with a captivating coffee culture, look no further than the nation’s capital of Vienna. There are hundreds of delightful coffee shops in all corners of the city, from those that are historic with a splendid traditional atmosphere, to those that are modern and funky. Here’s a bit of information that will tempt you to enjoy plenty of caffeine fixes in between visiting the opera, the palaces, and the museums of Vienna:

Relax in Plenty of Welcoming Coffee Houses

Often said to be Vienna’s living room, the cafes and coffee shops around the city are more than simply places to refuel with a quick drink whilst on the go; they are now an integral part of the local life. Viennese conduct lots of socialising in the coffee houses, meeting up with friends and spending hours putting the world to rights over a few cups of coffee. Solo travellers will especially love Vienna’s coffee scene, with places to sit and relax with a drink in a welcoming environment. The air is unhurried, and nobody will mind if you make yourself comfy, pull out your laptop, and spend a few hours (or more) catching up with emails, doing some work, or reading an ebook.

Sit indoors and listen to the banter around you, or head to the outdoor seating areas and watch the world go by. Don’t worry if there’s a bit of a chill in the air; many places provide blankets and outdoor heaters in the cooler months so that you can still get cosy whilst enjoying some fresh air and people-watching.

You will find Viennese cafes that take you back in time, those with an air of wistful nostalgia. Experience what the city’s coffee scene as like in times gone by, with soft seats, gleaming marble table and counter tops, and a rather luxurious ambience. If you want something a bit more modern, however, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll also find establishments that have contemporary furnishings and eye-catching artwork and decor. Free Wi-Fi is available in many.

Whilst the coffee shops of yesteryear only sold drinks, it is more and more common today for establishments to offer at least a basic range of snacks and / or pastries. Some even have full-meal menus. Make sure you try the local coffee at least once – melange.

Experience some UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Did you know that the coffee culture is so firmly entrenched in Viennese life that it was recognised by UNESCO? Named a piece of intangible heritage, in 2011, it’s great that the city’s coffee culture has been given the praise that it deserves.

The city’s first coffee house opened its doors to patrons in 1683. It is believed that Turks were responsible for first bringing coffee to Vienna. After the first outlet opened, more and more people followed suite, with an abundance of cafes springing up all over the city. For the early years, they were solely the domain of men, with women forbidden from relaxing in a coffee shop until the 1850s.

Whilst there are so many places where you can enjoy a variety of coffees in Vienna, some top spots to check out include Pruckel, Cafe Landtmann, Aida, Cafe Central, and Cafe Sperl.

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