Travelling Around Paraguay

When travelling alone in Paraguay, transportation can be quite a daunting part of your adventure. Transport when travelling around Paraguay is possible by air, road, rail, and water. Paraguay’s transport system is likely to be very different to what you are used to back at home, so there are a few useful pointers to help you on your fabulous and exciting journey of discovery in this South American country.

Expect the Unexpected When Travelling Around Paraguay

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In many parts of Paraguay the infrastructure is not completely adequate. Some areas, the transportation is reasonable, and you will find it fairly quick and easy to travel around. In other areas, however, the situation could, at best, be described as poor. Journeys can take a long time, with very bad road conditions. It is therefore better to expect the worst, and you may possibly be pleasantly surprised!

Prepare for Delays

Many forms of transport in Paraguay are subject to delays, sometimes very long ones. It is better to prepare for this eventuality. Whilst you will still be frustrated, it can go some way towards easing tensions. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for the journey, enough than you would perhaps usually take.

It also helps to have some form of entertainment – stock up on reading material, have a puzzle book and a pen, make sure electrical are fully charged before setting off. With nobody to talk to, having a distraction certainly helps. Also, if you are a smoker, make sure you have adequate supplies of cigarettes – you certainly don’t want to find yourself waiting in the middle of nowhere with no smokes!

A Little Extra Comfort Can Go a Long Way…

Some journeys can be very uncomfortable while travelling around Paraguay. Dress appropriately! Loose fitting and light weight clothes are best for travelling, with a few extra layers handily tucked away in your bag. A sweater and perhaps a small blanket are invaluable.

As well as using them to keep warm you can also use them to pad hard seats. You may also want to consider having a spare pair of socks and similar. A small travel pillow can also be great. Motion sickness remedies can really make the difference between a bearable journey and a trip from hell.

Be Safety Aware

As well as considering personal safety and security of possessions, a lack of regulation means that vehicles may not be a safe as they should be. If a vehicle does not look up to the journey, it may be best to consider another option. Speak with other travellers and get their opinions on journeys they have taken, weigh up your options, and think about the ways to travel before parting with cash and buying a ticket.

If you rent a bicycle, remember never to put your bag in the front basket as this is an easy target for thieves and opportunists.

Don’t Forget About Water Transport

For a country that has no coastline, Paraguay offers an awful lot of transportation by water. Because there is no sea, many people forget about travelling by boat. The country is blessed with over 3,000 kilometres of waterways, mainly rivers. Boats can offer a more comfortable, relaxing, and scenic mode of transport, and solo travellers can sit back and enjoy the views of riverside life passing them by.

It really is true that the journey can be as much fun, and as much of a great experience, as the destination itself.

Meet Other Travellers by Rail in Paraguay

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Locals do not tend to travel by rail, so if you travel by train you are likely to be sat near other visitors and travellers. A shared train journey can be a great place to meet other travellers, swap tips, share stories, and perhaps hook up with a new travel buddy for part of your onward adventures. There are only small sections of functioning tracks, so rail travel is only possible in certain areas.

Bus Your Way Around Paraguay

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Buses form the bulk of the transportation system in Paraguay. Be prepared to be crammed in with as many fellow passengers and goods as possible! Tickets are, pleasingly, fairly inexpensive.

You can often get discounts on the fare too by waiting until shortly before departure time to buy your ticket – often the driver is keen by this stage to fill up any empty seats and will accept a reduced rate.

Set forth with a smile, bags of patience, and a relaxed attitude, and enjoy your adventures while travelling around Paraguay!

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