Traditional Portuguese Food to Sink Your Teeth Into!

Traditional Portuguese cuisine is refreshingly simple, with a strong emphasis on fish. Indeed, Portugal has the highest fish consumption per capita of all European countries, and it is also one of the biggest fish-consuming nations in the world. If you end up in Portugal on your solo adventures, don’t miss digging into the tasty local food!

Here are some delicious Portuguese foods to try:

Frango Piri Piri

A hot and spicy chicken dish, Frango Piri Piri is one of Portugal’s top dishes for tourists. The small grilled chickens are soft and succulent, coated in a tantalising blend of aromatic spices. A flavourful dish, order this from the menu and see why so many visitors fall in love with this taste of Portugal.

Pasteis de Bacalhau

Bacalhau is the local name for codfish, and it is an abundantly-eaten food in Portugal. One particularly popular way of preparing the fish is to shred the fish and press into a patty to make tasty fishcakes. They are great alone as a starter before a main meal or as a snack, or they can be served with salad or rice to form a main meal. Crispy on the outside yet smooth on the inside, they have just the right textures to make your mouth water!

Sapateira Recheada

Sapateira Recheada is a pate-like dish made from stone crab. The meat is removed from the baked crab, and mixed with egg, pickles, parsley, mustard, and spices, before being stuffed back inside. With a rich taste and smooth texture, the crab is usually served with thinly-sliced toasted bread. Spread the delectable paste on your bread and enjoy!

Acorda Alentejana

Acorda Alentejana comes from Alentejo, a region in the southern parts of Portugal. A traditional countryside dish, it is really filling and satisfying. It is comprised of soft, mashed-up bread with olive oil, salt, eggs, and coriander. It is also fairly common for fish or seafood, such as cod or prawn, to be included too.


Feijoada is a filling and healthy bean stew. It is a popular dish around Portugal, found in countryside areas as well as along the coast. It is usually made with beans, cabbage, pork, and sausage, although several other variations exist. Other varieties may include, for example, cuttlefish or whelks. It may also be possible to find vegetarian versions, especially in parts of the country that see a fair amount of international visitors.


Caldeirada is a type of fish stew, containing a mixture of different types of fish and seafood. Other ingredients include tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and peppers. Herbs and white wine add even more tasty flavour. Common in the Algarve, it is usual for the dish to be served directly out of the cooking pot. A rich dish, the diverse flavours work in harmony to create a meal that you’ll want time and time again.

Bacalhau A Bras

Another dish made from cod, the fish is first shredded before being lightly sautéed with onions and thinly-sliced potatoes. Beaten egg is added, helping to bind different pieces of the dish together and adding more flavour and texture. Before being served, black olives and parsley are added as a topping.

Other popular Portuguese dishes and food include Cozida a Portuguesa, Arroz de Tamboril, Alheira de Mirandela, Porco Preto, and the sweet treats of aletria and leite-crème.

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