Touring The Island of Elba By Bike In 7 days!

Ahh beautiful Elba!

Have you heard of this amazing Italian island? A stunning little place, Elba Island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago and can be reached from Piombino by taking a short journey direct by ferry to Elba!

Once on the Island you can rent a bike (or simply carry with you your own bike) and start enjoying the beauties of this island!

Day 1

From Portoferraio, where you’ll probably will arrive by ferry, I suggest you to head north, towards Volterraio. The road is quite steep but it totally worth the visit. Here you will admire the beautiful ruin of Volterraio Castle located 394 metres high, it represents the most ancient military fortress of the island. After that, go south towards Cavo and then end the day in Porto Azzurro where you can find some rest in one of the several camping village.

Day 2

Well, today you are in Porto Azzurro so you must absolutely take a tour of the beautiful beaches and little bays hidden in this area. The path may be a little too windy in some parts, so maybe you can leave your bike for a few hours and continue walking on the dove. Then take your bike back and reach the impressive sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Monserrato: a beautiful little church located on the edge of a cliff.

Day 3

After a whole day in the beautiful Porto Azzurro, take your bike and go to Marina di Campo, you will be there in about half an hour. After relaxing a few hours in the village, take the chance to visit Monte Perone, it is 630 meters high so you may need a little help of a car or scooter, but it totally worth a visit because of the breathtaking panorama you’ll be able to see up there.

Day 4

From Marina di Campo, run towards north and reach Procchio and then head west to Marciana Marina. To avoid traffic and chaos I suggest to run along the road called “Civitellina” which is shorter and easier. Once you have passed the small climb to Marciana, you will start the beautiful descent to the sea where you will see Pianosa and a little part of Corsica.

Day 5

Start again from Marina di Campo, pass Procchio, but this time the direction is Portoferraio. I suggest you to have a little break in San Martino and visit the Napoleonic residence. Then take the road to Enfola. Here the path is a bit tougher but once in Enfola you will be repaid of all that effort. Here you can find some amazing camping directly on the sea.

Day 6

If you love trekking, Enfola is the right place to be. Reach Capo Enfola and go explore this unspoiled natural spot. Going down towards the beach you will encounter a popular diving centre. You feel too tired for scuba diving? Then have a lunch at nearby restaurant, you will be delighted from the good traditional Italian kitchen.

Day 7

Last day, take the road back from Enfola to Portoferraio. If you are waiting for your ferry take the chance to take a little tour of Portoferraio or make a last stop in one of the typical restaurant tasting a good frittura mista (mixed fried fish).

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