Top Reasons to Visit Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein Castle
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As Lichtenstein is a small European principality, many tourists expect a certain level of glamour and glitz when they visit. Clean, attractive, and well-ordered, but not ostentatious and gaudy, there are plenty of reasons to visit Lichtenstein.

Explore Vaduz

Vaduz is the capital city of Lichtenstein. Indeed, it is one of just a couple cities in the whole country! It is not, however, the biggest city in Lichtenstein (that honour goes to Schaan). A modern city, Vaduz is especially known for its international banking industry and commerce.

There are plenty of shops in the city, along with some top-class restaurants and bars. Wander along the main pedestrianised street and you’re sure to find somewhere that tickles your fancy. The KunstMuseum is perfect for art-lovers, and those who want to know more about the city’s history should check out the Landesmuseum. Take a stroll along the river and you can enjoy some terrific views of the mountains in the distance. Walk up to the picturesque castle and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views down over the city and beyond. Although visitors are not allowed to actually go inside the castle, it is sill well-worth a visit when in the city.

Excellent Winter Skiing Opportunities

Whilst neighbouring countries may attract more skiers and snowboarders than Lichtenstein, if you are into snow sports the smaller crowds are definitely a good reason to try some skiing here. Malbun is a great skiing resort, a place where you are sure to have lots of fun and action on the snow. There are runs of varying difficulty levels, meaning that people of all skill and experience levels can enjoy the skiing that Lichtenstein offers. It’s even great for families with younger children. Take the chairlift right to the top of the slopes for some incredibly amazing views over the mighty and majestic Alps.

Varied Summer Activities to Make the Most of the Sunshine

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Lichtenstein may be small, but it still offers plenty of ways to get out and about in the warmer months and make the most of the nice weather. With plenty for the whole family to enjoy, you are all sure to have fun. Spend a few hours exploring interesting nature trails, discover the countryside by horseback, have a go at archery, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even enjoy rock climbing. Swimming is another popular summer activity.

There are various hiking trails throughout the country, with some that take you through the mountains, some that lead through small quaint villages, and some that run past the ruins of once majestic castles that still whisper evocative messages from the past. Popular hiking trails include the Princess Gina Trail, the Saminatal Valley, and Alp Gapfahl. If you want a little more speed, there are also plenty of areas that are fantastic for mountain-biking.

A party to the Schengen Agreement, it is easy to get to Austria and Switzerland from Lichtenstein. Indeed, you can be over the border in around 30 minutes! The country enjoys a good infrastructure, is no more expensive than its neighbours, and is one of the safest countries in the world!

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