My Top 7 Travel Apps!


Whilst our holidays should be magical and carefree experiences, they can sometimes cause us a few headaches. But thanks to some of these top travel apps, you can pretty much guarantee a failsafe foreign excursion.


iOS navigation lock screen

Although famous mapping apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps may be more established, many travellers are increasingly turning to apps like Waze. This navigation app is constantly updated with information about roads in your locale, and it also contains helpful user-created information about traffic conditions, so that it can not only help you find the quickest route possible, but introduce you to the thriving global mapping community.


Whilst some of us may enjoy trying to get to grips with the native tongue, for the rest of us we may seek a little digital assistance. Thankfully, the iTranslate Voice app means that your language nightmares are a thing of the past, as now all you have to do is speak a phrase into the device, which will then repeat the phrase back to you in your desired language.


Manly Sunrise

All of us will have suffered that extended stay in an airport lounge waiting for a delayed flight. So next time, why not take advantage of the airport Wi-Fi to access some free entertainment via your mobile device. Whether it’s checking out the awesome free YouTube music app, or even playing a mega moolah slot on the Betway site that recently provided an soldier with a £132 million win on just a 25p bet, there’s hundreds of ways that you can stop clock-watching and have a little fun instead.

Food and drink

Vegetables in Whole Foods Market

One of the hardest things about being away from home is getting used to foreign food. Whilst some of us may relish the opportunity to try that mysterious food outlet down a dark alley, others may favour using the Zomato app that features hundreds of user-generated reviews to build up an extensive database of restaurants and food outlets in your locale.


communication all sorted

It’s also important to try and stay in touch with your loved ones back home. Many people are increasingly turning to visual-based social media sites such as Instagram to show off their latest holiday photographs. But for those who prefer face-to-face interaction, the latest version of Skype features not only the brand’s renowned video-chat feature, but also includes near-instant translation too – particularly handy for contacting the hotel before you get there!


Reflejo de Eiffel

There’s a huge range of customer-generated advice and information on the internet with sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia providing up-to-date details of the top attractions in your holiday destination. But for those seeking a little more expertise in their planning, then the ever-reliable team at Lonely Planet have delivered the Tourist Eye app that not only provides a wealth of attractions and activities in your area, but also has a very handy offline mode too.

Holiday photographs

Photographing Turtles

And finally, whilst all of us enjoy taking photographs on our smartphone, it does take away some of the magic of taking the film to a developers. However, the 1-Hour Photo app makes you wait an hour before you see your picture, so that you will hopefully enjoy your holiday experience, rather than endlessly staring into your mobile device!

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