Things to do in Zagreb

The charming capital city of Croatia, Zagreb combines a quaint medieval old town and the lively pulse that is so common in capital cities all around the world. There are many things to do in Zagreb and it makes for a wonderful city break in Europe. Well-connected by road and rail, Zagreb also has an international airport. It is easy to get around with a fast, reliable, and efficient public transportation system. Visitors on a budget should think about investing in the Zagreb Card. With many discounts on admission fees and in restaurants and shops, it also allows for free public transport around the city.

Some great things to do in Zagreb include:

Connected by a steep historic funicular, the upper and lower towns are where you’ll find many of the main attractions. The Upper Town is the medieval heart of the city, and you can stroll through the cobbled streets and really get a sense for how the city was in the past. The stunning cathedral is a major sight, and in the area of Gradec you can walk the same streets as artisans and merchants from times gone by. Don’t miss Strossmayer’s Walk in the warmer summer months when lots of street entertainers, artists, musicians, and vendors really bring the area to life.

Relax by Beautiful Lakes

Zagreb is lucky enough to have no only one gorgeous lake, but two! Each is a perfect place to shill out like the locals do, as well as taking part in a wide range of activities. At Bundek there are many opportunities for sports. It is a popular spot in the summer months, with many open air concerts and performances, as well as a variety of exciting festivals. If you fancy some al fresco dining with great views there are several BBQ and picnic spots. Around Jarun you will find some pretty lake beaches, perfect for unwinding on a hot summer’s day. There are many bars and cafes and it is quite a fancy part of town. There are also many diverse sport and exercise options as well as boating on the lake.

Climb the Mountain

Zagreb is overlooked by a pretty mountain – Medvednica. There are numerous hiking and biking trails and you will be rewarded with great views of the city below. If you’re not feeling so energetic don’t worry – there is also a bus that takes people up the mountain. At the top of the mountain you will find the grand and historic fortress of Medvedgrad. In an excellent state of preservation, take some time to explore all the nooks and crannies off this impressive site. There is also a memorial in honour of members of the Croatian military who died during the Homeland War.

Visit Interesting Museums

Zagreb is home to a good number of museums, offering something for all tastes and interests. Art lovers will enjoy the extensive collections in the Mimara Museum. Additionally, the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Modern Gallery, and the art Pavilion are also great places to indulge your artistic passions. The Archaeological Museums provides a fascinating insight into the area’s past, and it has sections dedicated to Egyptian artifacts and Roman era items. For something completely different and more than a little unusual, head to the interesting and ground-breaking Museum of Broken Relationships.

Some other top things to do in Zagreb include exploring the peaceful parks, having fun at the zoo, and visiting the impressive and revered cemetery of Mirogoj.

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