Things to do in Vienna

Austria’s capital city is brimming with terrific things to do and see. It is amongst the most picturesque cities in Europe with the heart of the city having been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its outstanding beauty and charms. It is easy to get around, there are plenty of options for eating, and the night life is diverse and fun. When it comes to shopping there are plenty of places for bargain hunters in Vienna, with a wide selection of bustling markets. At Christmastime the city is filled with dazzling fairytale-esque Christmas markets with lots to buy and numerous things to inspire wonder and awe.

Some top things to do in Vienna include:


Vienna was once the seat of the mighty and grand Imperial powers and there are several wonderfully elegant and majestic palaces that both remain from this time and that come from more recent eras. Step into a different world as you admire the splendour and glory both inside and out.

There are two beautiful Baroque palaces of Belvedere; the Upper and Lower Palaces. They sit in gorgeous grounds and they were originally built in the 1700s as a summer retreat for one of the country’s princes.

Hofburg was the Imperial Palace and the complex is home to a selection of different buildings in a variety of different architectural styles. Wander through the lovely gardens and between Baroque and Gothic masterpieces and view the exhibitions and displays contained within the buildings; there are several museums, the Imperial rooms, the Imperial Treasury, and more.

Schonbrunn Castle is a work of art in itself, show casing the different desires and wants of a number of different reigning kings and queens. You will see, amongst other things, carefully landscaped gardens, grand facades, towering statues, and a quaint zoo!


There are many churches and other religious buildings scattered across Vienna, some of which receive numerous visitors each year.

Perhaps the most popular is the decorative and impressive Stephansdom. In the centre of the city, it combines Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Striking inside and out, it is possible for visitors to climb to the top of the tower to admire the sweeping views across the city below.

Underneath the pretty Capuchin Church lie the Imperial Tombs. As one would imagine, they are very decorative and grand. Over 140 members of the Habsburg family have been laid to rest in the crypt.

Saint Charles Church is an eye-catching sight, and the stunning frescoes are sure to take your breath away.
Karlskirche is another favourite, with a wonderful dome and columns of carvings.


This unusual dwelling block is a fairly modern addition to the city, having been constructed in the mid 1980s. It shows lots of imagination and flair, with ornate terraces, different colours, domed cupolas, and different types of windows.

Other great things to do in Venice include riding the old Ferris wheel and admiring the far-reaching views, taking in the wonderful buildings all around, seeing a show, and simply enjoying the enchanting atmosphere.

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