Things to Do in Tijuana

Mexico’s border city of Tijuana is pretty popular with people taking an excursion from the USA. Visitors can cross the border and experience a little bit of Mexico without having to travel far at all … the city is close to San Diego and makes for a great trip, along with neighbouring Rosarito, when in the area.

Visitors wanting to stay for a bit longer will find decent accommodation options, with most of the budget places situated in 2nd and 3rd street. Most of the local accommodation, however, caters to the mid-range crowd. There are numerous places to eat and drink and the city has a lively night life with a strong electronic scene.

Some top things to do in Tijuana include:

Lean More about the Local Culture

The Tijuana Cultural Center is a terrific museum with numerous exhibits. It details life in the area throughout the ages, taking people right through from ancient times to the modern day. There is good English signage and you can learn more about things such as fascinating cave paintings that were discovered in the area as well as how the city became one of the most fun places on the planet during the US prohibition era.

Eat Street Tacos

Not just great for a filling and cheap meal, the street tacos are delicious! There is an abundance of places to try a variety of different filled tacos – make sure that you check out a selection before deciding on a firm favourite! You’ll find those that contain fresh and tasty seafood, some with different meats, and some that are veggie friendly, all flavoured with the popular spices and seasoning.

Experience the Red Light District

Found at Zona Norte, a large police presence helps to keep this part of the city relatively safe. The main strip is a lively, colourful, frenetic, and eye-popping affair, and it is a place that has been drawing in visitors for many years. It is well worth a visit just to see the hive of activity and it is also one of the main places for nightlife in the city, even for those who aren’t looking for a little adult fun.

Pose with a Zebra

Interestingly, the streets of Tijuana are home to a large collection of “zebras”! They are actually donkeys that have been painted with black and white stripes but the city is very proud of them. A long city tradition, make sure that you snap a sefie with one of the black and white creatures.

Try a Local Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad was invented in Tijuana, and where better to dine on this popular dish than in its birth place?

Watch the Greyhound Races

A short way out of the main city centre but easy to reach by taxi, there are regular greyhound races at the Hipodromo Caliente. Popular with locals and visitors alike, try not to lose too much cash when having a flutter!

Shop ‘Till You Drop

A lively and bustling street market, Mercado Hidalgo is home to numerous sellers all plying a wide variety of wares. It is a great place to see a local market in action, and it offers some terrific people watching opportunities as well as simply browsing the different goods and trying to find a bargain. You might even want to pick up some tasty local food stuffs to create your own meals with. Mercado de Todos is another popular spot, and you’ll find several interesting markets around the city.

With so many great things to do in Tijuana it really is worthy of a day trip … or slightly longer!

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