Things to do in Tenerife

Popular Tenerife is the biggest of Spain’s Canary Islands. Located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Northern Africa, Tenerife enjoys great weather for most of the year. Its tax-free status adds to its appeal, and there are numerous things to do in Tenerife, offering something for everyone.

The island boasts a variety of different landscapes, from sandy beaches and rugged coastlines, towering mountains and volcanoes, dense forests, and arid deserts. There is lots of nature and wildlife. There are plentiful man-made attractions too, from interesting architecture through to fun theme parks and water parks.

There are many places to eat, drink, sleep, and shop, especially around the main tourist resorts.

Some top things to do in Tenerife include:

Relax on the Beaches

The beaches are a major draw for visitors, and you can spend many hours soaking up the sun, swimming in the cool ocean waters, or enjoying a variety of water sports. Scuba diving is especially popular, and you can see a whole host of interesting sea creatures in their natural habitat. Surfing is possible in some parts, and jet skiing and paragliding can be found on most of the major beaches.

There are generally good facilities and amenities close to the beaches, such as beach-front seafood restaurants where you can try some of the local catches whilst enjoying great views.

You’ll find beaches that have black volcanic sands as well as those that have golden sands (imported).

Visit Mount Teide National Park

Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and it stands at an impressive 3718 metres tall. It is also amongst the tallest volcanoes in the world. It is possible to go almost to the top by cable car and enjoy the amazing views. If you want to climb the rest of the way you will need to get a special permit first. The altitude and steepness make this a pretty challenging climb.

Even if you don’t go up Mount Teide itself, it is still great to see from the distance. The national park has some strange scenery, and at parts it is rather lunar-esque. There are many interesting rock formations as well as lots of flora and fauna.

Take a Dolphin Spotting Trip

Numerous operators sell tickets to jump aboard a boat and take to the sea to try and spot dolphins. Sightings are typically very high. Indeed, this is said to be one of the few places in the world where you are all but guaranteed to see wild dolphins! Seeing whales is also very common.

Trips are available for different durations, though most last for a couple of hours. Some include lunch. Many drop the anchor and allow you to jump off and have a swim in the deep waters.

Discover the Anaga Mountains

The Anaga Mountains not only boast some incredible scenery, which can be enjoyed by visiting one of the many view points, taking a leisurely drive, or hiking on one of the many trails, but it also has some really interesting old homes. In the past, people made their homes inside the caves, and you can see where small communities lived (and still live) in homes that clung precariously to the side of the gaping gorges. The forests contain loads of wildlife too.

Siam Water Park

Amongst the top ten water parks around the globe, this is a terrific place to kick back and have some watery fun. It is perfect for the whole family. There are leisure pools, a wave pool, lots of exciting slides and chutes, surf pools, rides, rapids, a floating village … and more!

If you want to relax there is an artificial beach as well as grassy areas, and you can either bask in the sun or enjoy the cool shade of an overhanging tree or parasol. There are lots of options for eating and drinking.

The Siamese / Thai theme adds to the fun!

Other major things to do in Tenerife include hitting up the frenzied night spots, exploring charming villages such as Masca, seeing the pyramids of Guimar, strolling around traditional fishing villages like Los Abrigos, shopping in the local markets, and soaking up the views from places like Garachico. There really are so many things to do in Tenerife!

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