Things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm - Riddarholmen

Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm is a great place to consider for a long weekend or mini break. There are many things to do in Stockholm, no matter what your age or interests. A medieval city near the water, there are numerous accommodation options, and many fantastic places to eat and drink. Try some of the locally caught seafood – it’s delicious!

Here are some of the best things to do in Stockholm:

Wander the Medieval City

Photo by: edward stojakovic
Photo by: edward stojakovic

The old part of the city has been settled since at least the mid 1200s. There are narrow winding streets, small squares, the old Royal Palace, and quaint old churches. Wander the labyrinth of alleyways and check out the beautiful and old architecture that has stood proudly in Stockholm for many years. The main historical part of the city is Gamla Stan.

Visit the City Hall

Stockholm City Hall

The main landmark in the city, the City Hall, known as the Stadshuset, contains a massive organ with 10,000 pipes, the awesome Golden Hall, with mosaic depictions of Sweden’s history, a museum, and the Council Chamber, which is in the style of a traditional Viking longhouse.

Sip a Drink on the Water

There is a multitude of lively bars and restaurants in retired boats and pontoons moored on the water. Bobbing gently, many of the vessels have been decorated and furnished to a particular theme. They are popular evening haunts for both visitors and locals alike.

Eat Meatballs… and More!

Swedish meatballs at IKEA :D

Sweden is known for its meatballs, but the traditional cuisine offers many more delicious treats. Perhaps you could try a plate of cheese and herring, or maybe you would prefer some fried meat with potatoes. Try the popular side dish of pickled cabbage. Whatever you decide to dine on though, make it traditional and tingle your taste buds.

Get Your Fill of Art

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

There are two fantastic art galleries in Stockholm, each one offering a completely different experience. They are Moderna Museet, with its grand selection of modern art including works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pollock, Dali, and Picasso, and the National Museum, with more classical pieces, including works by Rembrandt and Swedish artists, as well as objects from the Medieval period.

Climb Aboard Vasa


Vasa is the name of a Swedish warship that unfortunately sank just 20 minutes into her first ever voyage. She now sits in a museum, where visitors can learn all about her mysterious and intriguing past.

Cruise to the Stockholm Archipelago

Ship and sunset on Stockholm archipelago

With hundreds of small islands, a trip to the Stockholm Archipelago is a very popular activity in the summertime. When the sun is shining, hop on a ferry and see this wonderful natural attraction just a short way out of the heart of the city. There are varying landscapes to enjoy, and it is a very pleasant day trip.

Indulge in the Café Culture

Sweden - Stockholm 42 - awesome funky tea cabinet

Coffee could be Sweden’s national drink, and the café culture is enormous in Stockholm. Grab a cup of coffee, enjoy some banter, and watch the world go by in one of the city’s cool cafés.

Sample the Stockholm Night Life


Stockholm is crammed with funky and trendy bars, catering to the hip and happening crowd. They make for a fun night out whilst in the city.

Whilst these are a few of the best things to do in Stockholm, there are many more great attractions and activities all across the city and its environs. You are sure to have a fabulous time in Stockholm!

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  • Great list to do in Stockholm and I am thinking of those meat balls. They look delicious. I have never been to the northern Scandinavian countries and Winter could be harsh. Do you recommend in going during the winters? or what would be the ideal time to head towards the country?

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