Things to do in Rome with Children

Rome is a wonderful city that is bursting with exciting things to see and do. Often referred to as the cradle of western civilization, there are plenty of glorious historical sites, cultural spots galore, and an abundance of ornate religious buildings. The city offers something for everyone, and if you’re planning a family trip you’ll be pleased to know that there are heaps of great things to do in Rome with children.

The thought of visiting Rome with kids can be a bit daunting at first; lots of people believe that it is predominantly a city for the grown-ups. Don’t be nervous! Check out some of these great things to do in Rome with children and have loads of family fun exploring the Eternal City:

Gladiator School

The kids can earn more about the ancient soldiers of the mighty Roman Empire and have a go at some of the techniques and moves that were used during battle! They are given costumes to wear and parents can take as many photos as they want – brilliant mementoes from your trip. At the end of the session they will receive a fun certificate. Your children will also be taken on a tour of the museum and to see the catacombs and the Old Appian Way.

Tour Bus

The hop on hop off bus tours are a great way for kids (and parents!) to get an overview of the main city sights without tired and achey feet. Sit down and watch as the many marvelous views unfold before your eyes, and go down to explore more at the places that really capture your child’s attention. Buses run the route regularly so you know that you won’t be waiting too long for another bus if you do decide to get off anywhere. You can also make a list of places to come back to at a later point and spend more time at. It also helps to become better orientated with the city.

Piazza Navona

This car-free square makes for an ideal spot to stop and recharge batteries and grab a bite to eat. There are lots of charming cafes and many have outdoor seating, great for little ones to watch the hustle and bustle all around. You can also all watch craftspeople at work and admire the stunning buildings, fountains, and monuments of the attractive square. Enjoy pizza, pasta, and gelato in a lovely environment. It is possible to find that you’ve spent a lot longer here than you intended!

Church of Santa Maria della Concezione

Rome is bursting with many interesting churches, and you can call into many as you wander around the city and soak up the sights. Every single one will have something different to see! One that is particularly interesting for little ones is the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione. It is decorative and ornate with lots of pictures and statues. The Capuchin cemetery is usually what really fires up young imaginations though – the chapel is adorned with thousands of bones from deceased monks!

These are just a few recommendations of things to do in Rome with children. Of course, most kids will enjoy exploring ancient Rome, and this can be especially great if you hire your own guide to take you around and explain to the kids what places were used for and how they looked in their glory days. The Vatican can also be an intriguing place for children, and several museums of excellent displays aimed at younger visitors.

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