Things to do in Amman

Thinking about visiting Jordan? It is highly likely then that you will find yourself spending at least some time in the capital city of Jordan. It is also a good base for taking day trips to other parts of the country if you don’t feel like moving around so much – you can check into a hotel, leave your things, and head off each day to enjoy somewhere new and exciting.

There are many excellent things to do in Amman and it is well worth dedicating at least a few days of your trip to exploring the capital. Friendly people and good public transportation will help to make your stay a pleasant one.
Some top things to do in Amman include:

Museums and Galleries

There are several good museums and galleries in Amman. The National Art Gallery is an ideal place to see a wide collection of modern Arabic art. There are paintings and sculptures to enjoy, with most having been created by artists from places such as Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia. It is a big museum. The New Jordan Museum is another favourite and you can learn more about the history of Jordan as well as the fascinating Petra. There are many displays and items, with visitors actively encouraged to touch things and experiment. It is very interactive and fun as well as informative. View Amman is an exhibition that showcases the city’s developments and architecture, and is perfect for those who are interested in city planning and growth. There is also a designated children’s corner, ideal if you’re visiting with younger members of the family.


Sitting at the heart of the old city, the Citadel is one Amman’s top historical spots. You can take a step back in time and wander through Roman ruins, such as the Temple of Hercules. Glimpse into the past at the Ummayad Palace, from where you can also enjoy great views of the city. Learn more about days gone by at the National Archeological Museum and see old items from all over the country. The Byzantine Church is also interesting. The Citadel is a terrific place from where to watch the sun go down, and if you time it right you can also hear the evocative calls to prayer from the nearby mosque.

Rainbow Street

Named after an old and now disused cinema, Rainbow Street offers a fascinating peek into the lives of the local people. Many old homes and other buildings have been renovated and restored to their former glory and there are several cute cafes and bars.

Roman Theatre

There are several Roman-era remains to see here, including the Nymphaeum. There is also an old watchtower from where vigilant guards kept an eye out over the city. The Folklore Museum offers a fascinating insight into local beliefs, customs, culture, and traditions.


There are lots of places throughout Amman where you can enjoy great shopping. From the markets to the shopping centres, you’ll find a great array of items. The city is particularly well-known for its rich selection of antiques and you can pick up a great assortment of traditional souvenirs.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine, chill out with a shisha pipe, and enjoy the great things to do in Amman.

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