Things to See on a Patagonian Cruise

A cruise through Patagonia is one of the most exciting and memorable journeys a person will ever take. It show cases raw and natural beauty at its very best, and there is an abundance of things to see on a Patagonian cruise. From remote villages to sea life, and from enormous glaciers to towering mountains, a cruise through the Patagonian region is one you will never forget. Taking in parts of both Chile and Argentina, you will also be able to see different cultures and traditions of people who live in the area.

Various operators offer cruises through the enchanting area of Patagonia.

Remember to pack plenty of warm clothes, including things that can be layered for extra protection against the very cold temperatures. Also consider taking some anti-motion sickness medication, as the waters can be very choppy!

Some highlights and best things to see on a Patagonian cruise include the following:


Seeing a glacier is an awesome experience. The towering blocks of ice loom large out of the waters, and it really is something when you witness a gigantic block of ice breaking away and crashing into the icy ocean. Brookes Glacier is a breath taking sight, and Marinelli Glacier is also rather spectacular. The incredible Pia Glacier is also jaw dropping. Glacier Grey shows the different colours of snow and ice. Cruise through the stretch known as Glacier Avenue and see many glaciers in all shapes and sizes.


The area is home to a variety of wildlife, some of which only lives in the Patagonian region. Tierra del Fuego National Park is a great place to start. It is home to different species of birds, such as geese, oystercatchers, and albatrosses, as well as the Patagonian hare. On land, look out for foxes and beavers, and in the waters try and spot seals, dolphins, and penguins. You will notice the flora changing as you journey further south, with the climate changes being reflected in the trees, plants, and flowers.


Some cruises offer opportunities for fishing. Whilst more of an activity rather than a thing to see, even if you are not into fishing it can be interesting to watch other people and see what they manage to catch.

Where Oceans Collide

You can cruise to Cape Horn, which is not only stunningly scenic, but is also where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans join together. Whilst you won’t actually notice any difference in the waters, it is a monumental place.

End of the World

Ride the train in Ushuaia that is appropriately called “The Train at the End of the World”. It is one of the world’s most iconic train journeys, and allows you to see the local terrain, flora, and fauna.

Small Communities

The lands of Patagonia are sprinkled with small villages and communities. These make for very interesting and different excursions. Learn how people cope living in the area, and see how they live. A favourite is the tiny Puerto Williams.

With many things to see on a Patagonian cruise, various activities, and dramatic landscapes, head of for an incredible journey of a lifetime.

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