Things to do in Sapa

Sitting in the northern hills and mountains of Vietnam, Sapa is a dream come true for those who like to explore the great outdoors and enjoy different beautiful scenery. The area is home to a number of different ethnic groups, each with their own customs, traditions, and ways of life.

Some great things to do in Sapa include:


The lush scenery offers picturesque hiking and walking, and it is possible to find yourself completely alone in magical surroundings. You can spend weeks exploring the various trails and villages. Rice terraces cling to the sides of otherwise steep inclines and you can enjoy some spectacular views.

Sapa Homestays

There are many homestays located in and around Sapa, each offering the chance to experience local life. They are often very basic with limited facilities, but you can fully immerse yourself in the way of life of locals. Don’t be surprised if your bed s a roll mat on the floor and if showers only have cold water. Rustic and interesting, a stay in a homestay is a great experience. You will probably spend evenings eating with your host family, and you can try a wide selection of tasty meals that may be difficult to find in other places. Staying with a local family is also an ideal way to move between the different villages.

Love Waterfall

Charmingly named, it is little wonder that Love Waterfall is a popular spot for couples! Many visitors fall in love with the pretty waterfall, with water cascading down into a lovely pool at the bottom. There are great walking opportunities nearby – why not pack a picnic and enjoy a few hours in this idyllic spot?

Sapa Museum

Located within a traditional Vietnamese building on stilts, Sapa Museum provides information about the area, its people, and the diverse culture. You can also learn how the land is used for crops and an income. It is a great place if you want to find out more about the different groups that inhabit the area.

The Stone Church

In the heart of the town you can see this charming old church that was built during the times of French colonialism in Vietnam. Made from stone, it is a wonderful example of the pride inspired by faith and religious beliefs. It is a lovely sight from the outside and equally as nice inside. It is still used for worship today.

Ham Rong Resort

This is not a holiday resort, as you may expect from the name. It is a collection of gorgeous gardens that sit at the bottom of the towering Ham Rung Mountain. Exquisite care has been taken over the landscaping, and there are different themed areas, each with a vibrant and bright array of different plants and flowers. There are also shows during the day, creating even more entertainment in the attractive surroundings.

If these things to do in Sapa sound appealing, why not add it to your Vietnam bucket list?

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  • Sapa is literally every photographers dream, except the weather of course! The ride up to Sapa isn’t the most enjoyable though, I think the transportation is one of the most daunting things in Vietnam. Great advice nevertheless!

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