Things to do in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is territory of France, and is home to several indigenous ethnic groups. It boasts a truly laid-back vibe, and is often described as a place of pure paradise. Several islands make up the group, with some having very few residents. On the main island, you will find decent amenities and facilities for visitors, as well as a good selection of places to stay. French food can be found in abundance. Time means very little on the island, and it is easy for people to succumb completely to the delicious charms and the tempting way of island life.

Whilst the main feature of a New Caledonia break is rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and even more relaxation, there is still a good assortment of things to do.

Some top things to do in New Caledonia include:

Enjoy the Stunning Beaches

The islands are fringed with glorious soft sandy beaches, where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and chilling out. Several water sports are available, including fascinating diving and snorkelling. You can explore the striking corals and see a plethora of sea creatures. You could also take a boat trip to explore different islands and atolls that appear to beckon seductively across the gleaming waters. Trips are possible by motor boat or by the more traditional and oldy-worldy outrigger. If you are lucky, you may see some whales in the sea. Windsurfing is also possible on some of the beaches, and instruction is available for beginners, and there are plenty of places where fishing enthusiasts can indulge in their hobby. Canoeing and kayaking are other activities on offer.

Hike in Stunning Surroundings

There are plenty of places across the islands where you can enjoy some truly magical hiking in scenic and rugged surroundings. As well as being able to enjoy the countryside and the views you will be able to see a wide variety of native flora and flora. Climb the mountains for breath-taking views. There is a selection of good camping spots. If you want to enjoy nature without too much effort, you could also pay a visit to the botanical gardens or explore the islands by horseback.

Mingle With the Locals

The interesting and friendly local population sees relatively few tourists, and as such local people are generally very warm and welcoming towards visitors. Being able to speak French will help you greatly though, as English is not very widely spoken outside of the capital city. You can stop watching the clock and just enjoy a drink or two with chatter with a group of friendly faces as you learn more about New Caledonia and its culture whilst sampling some of the laid back island life.

Stroll the Streets of Noumea

Noumea is the capital of New Caledonia, and its lively streets are home to a fantastic selection of different architecture, with the French influence very apparent. It offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere and the night life is certainly lots of fun!

Why not add this terrific Pacific destination to your bucket list and discover the treasure trove of things to do in New Caledonia?

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