Things to do in Nassau, Bahamas

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Nassau is the capital city, as well as the largest city, of the Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas. Whilst many of the city’s visitors are day-trippers coming ashore from the many cruise liners that dock in the city, there are enough sights and experiences in Nassau to keep you busy for a couple of days.

Here are some of the best things to do in Nassau:

Pirate Museum

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Did you know that Nassau was once a firm favourites for pirates? Indeed, pirates were so rampant in the past that the area was once seriously under threat from the notorious Blackbeard! You can learn more about the city’s pirating past at the quirky and fun Pirate Museum. Take a stroll through the reconstructed pirate’s town, see a fearsome pirate ship, complete with the shiversome skull and crossbones flag, and ponder the diverse exhibits. A guided tour offers even more insights.

Straw Market

A great place for magpies and bargain-hunters, the Straw Market’s vendors boast an array of interesting and brightly coloured handicrafts and other souvenirs. Many items are, unsurprisingly given the name, delicately made from straw. You’ll find straw dolls, straw bags, straw placemats, and more. Whilst the starting prices are already pretty low, don’t forget to engage in a bit of friendly haggling to get an even better deal.

Fort Fincastle

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This historic fortress is fairly small, but it is still, nevertheless, worth a couple of hours’ visit hen in Nassau. Dating back to the 1790s, Fort Fincastle sits atop a small hill and provides great vies over the city and surrounding areas. If you’re into old weaponry you’ll be excited to see a collection of old cannons within the fort’s walls.

Nassau Old Town

Escape the hustle and bustle of the touristy heart of the city and take a wander through the small but charming Old Town. Passing by historic buildings you’ll eventually reach the pale-coloured Parliament Building, outside of which stands a proud statue of Queen Victoria.

Bay Street

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Another atmospheric part of Nassau, Bay Street is lined with colourful old buildings. There are many cafes and shops, serving both the local population and the thronging crowds of tourists.

Prince George Wharf

Have a walk alongside Prince George Wharf and see the grand and enormous ocean liners that dock here, letting tourists off the day and waiting patiently until their onboard numbers swell again.

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

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If you’re into art, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas should definitely be on your list of things to see. It houses a great assortment of art from the country from throughout the ages, taking you from the pre-colonial period right up to current times. The building itself is an impressive sight, and the collections are eclectic.

Other great things to do in Nassau include taking a boat trip to Paradise Island and window shopping, or treating yourself, at the luxurious Marina Village, strolling through the fish market and tasting local specialities at Potters’ Cay, chilling out on the beach, and seeing the assortment of animals and colourful birds at Ardastra Gardens and Zoo.

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