Things to do at Iguazu Falls

Sitting on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the whole world. It is a UNESCO listed site, and visitors can enjoy the splendour of the falls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side. Surrounded by pristine rainforest, the national park is one of the most significant in the South American continent. There are several great things to do at Iguazu Falls, including:

Adventure Sports

Many visitors feel the exciting rush with a rafting experience. There are calmer stretches of water, allowing you to relax and soak up the splendid scenery, as well as those that are exciting, raging, and furious! Wet and wild, rafting at Iguazu Falls is an experience to remember! For spectacular views why not try some abseiling? You will make your way down to the ground whilst admiring the rainforest and the waterfalls. Hiking and cycling are both possible, allowing you to see a rich diversity of flora and fauna. A jeep expedition is also plenty of fun and you can see the rainforest above on a thrilling canopy walk.

Helicopter Flight

Enjoy a totally different view of the magnificent waterfalls with a helicopter flight over them. The flights may be short, but you are sure to come back to ground with some amazing pictures and terrific memories. As you fly through the sky you will be rewarded with some of the most incredible panoramic views. See both the falls and the forest and admire some of nature’s very best creations.

Parque des Aves

The Parque des Aves bird park is a great place to see a wonderful collection of birds that inhabit the rainforest up close. The park’s aim is conservation, and the birds live in huge aviaries with plenty of space to fly around. The vibrant colours are sure to impress. As well as birds you can also see other native creatures, such as anteaters, alligators, and marmosets.

Admire the Falls from Both Sides

Remember to arrange the appropriate visas in advance if you plan on crossing the border in either direction to see the falls from the other side. In the Argentinean national park you can take a ride on a sightseeing train through the rainforest, admiring a wide range of wildlife as you go. The national park area on both sides of the border is filled with an abundance of flora and fauna – there are over 2,000 different plants growing in the forest. There are excellent viewing areas of the falls on either side. In Brazil you can take a walk through the stunning canyon and ride in a glass elevator, and in Argentina you can take a deep breath and bravely step out onto the suspended walkway that sits on the edge of the biggest waterfall.

Bela Vista Sanctuary

As well as doing lots of great conservation and educational work, this sanctuary is part of the biggest hydroelectric plant in the world, in terms of production. You can visit both the plant and the sanctuary, although you must make your travel arrangements in advance. Animals live in enclosures that replicate their natural environment.

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