Things to do in Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital city is awash with terrific things to do and see – it is a really interesting Scandinavian city, and one that is perfect for a long weekend or mini-break. Although Denmark is known as being a very expensive country, many of the things to do in Copenhagen are low cost or free, meaning that you can offset the pricier accommodation and eating costs to some extent.

Some of the best things to do in Copenhagen include:

See the Little Mermaid

The iconic statue of the Little Mermaid sits on the waterfront, the mermaid perched on her rock just waiting for her prince to come. Based on the famous children’s story by Hans Christian Andersen, the statue is probably smaller than you would expect, but is still one of the must see attractions in the city.

Watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Amalienborg Palace

The impressive palace is made up of four similar grand buildings, arranged around a proud statue in the centre of the paved courtyard. The palace has royal guards, and there is a changing of the guard ceremony every day at around noon. The new guards spend half an hour marching from Rosenborg Castle to the palace, where they relieve the guards who have been on duty since the previous day. The ceremony is particularly impressive when the Queen is in residence, as the guards are accompanied on their march by a full marching band. You can tell if the Queen is in the palace by the flag that is flying above – if there is a crown on the Danish flag it means that she is there.
Even if you cannot make it for the ceremony, the palace is still one of the city’s top sights, and there is an interesting museum located in one of the buildings.

Marvel at the Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is an attractive piece of architecture, with towers, walls, windows, and steep staircases all adding to the regal atmosphere. There are some pretty gardens that are free to stroll around, and the castle is also home to a large selection of treasures and important objects, including the dazzling crown jewels.

Climb to the Top of the Round Tower

Located near to Copenhagen’s main walking street, the Round Tower is an impressive sight from outside. Inside, there are a number of displays and exhibits, and visitors can climb the hundreds of steps to the upper observation platform for incredible sweeping city views.

Stroll Along Nyhavn

The old city harbour, the colourful buildings that line the water are really pretty, and the scene is further enhanced by the boats that are moored, bobbing gently on the water. Many of the buildings are home to bars, cafes, and restaurants, and most offer both indoor and outdoor seating. Take a walk along this lovely part of the city, and rest a while with a drink or a bite to eat as you watch the world go by.

Learn About Carlsberg Beer

The original home of the famous beer, Carlsberg, is located in Copenhagen. Visitors can see how the beer is made, take a tour of the brewery, hear about the beer’s history, and enjoy a couple of glasses of the frothy brew.

See an Alternative Way of Life in Christiania

Christiania is like a city within a city – the population is self-regulating, with a set of rules posted by the entrance to the free town. Drugs are tolerated within this hippy-founded community, and until a few years ago were widely available for sale along the infamous pusher Street. Photos are prohibited, but visitors are free to wander around the diverse housing area, see the colourful and expressive graffiti, and soak up the relaxed vibe.

Other great things to do in Copenhagen include visiting the various museums and art galleries, relaxing on the riverside, taking a tour by bus or by boat, seeing the plethora of churches and religious buildings that are scattered around the town, enjoying the varied architecture, and sampling some of the country’s cuisine and beers.

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