Sri Lanka Travel Advice

Photo by: Arthur Chapman
Photo by: Arthur Chapman

Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known for its devout spirituality, interesting culture, tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, flat plains, and soaring mountains. There are many interesting things to do in Ski Lanka. There are several pieces of handy Ski Lanka travel advice to assist with your travel preparations and to help you make the most of your exciting stay in lovely Ski Lanka.

Visas for Sri Lanka

Most nationalities must apply for a visa online before travelling to Sri Lanka.

Getting to and Around Ski Lanka

The main airport is in Colombo. Cruise ships dock in the country. Trishaws are a common and novel way to get around locally. Hire cars, vans, and taxis are also available, and bus services cover almost all parts of the country. The railway system is large.

Language in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has two official languages; Tamil and Sinhala. Many Ski Lankans can speak at least a basic level of English, and in the popular tourist hot spots English is widely spoken.

Areas to Visit in Sri Lanka

Photo by: IRIS Liu
Photo by: IRIS Liu

The Central Province is home to the popular destination of spiritual Kandy and an abundance of natural delights, including waterfalls, mountains, valleys, plantations, and streams. The North Central province was the headquarters of the ancient kingdoms, and is known for its array of cultural and historical attractions. The Northern Province attracts many visitors, and the Eastern Province has some nice beaches. The capital city and former capital of Colombo are situated in the Western Province, along with some pretty beaches. In the Southern Province you can enjoy national parks, with a range of flora and fauna, as well as the old city of Galle. Uva offers cooler temperatures and rolling hillside. Other areas include Sabaragamuwa, and the North Western Province.

Of Sri Lanka’s city’s, Colombo is the largest with a variety of attractions, and Kandy is the spiritual heart of Ski Lanka. Ratnapura is famous for its gems and precious stones. Polonnaruwa and Anaradhapura are both home to some fine ruins from days gone by. Galle contains an old Dutch fort.

Other popular places include Yala National Park, where you can enjoy a fascinating safari, Sinharaja Rainforest, Beruwela, Unawatuna, Trincomalee, Mirissa, Arugam Bay, and Robolgoda beach resorts, and the wonderfully diverse area of Batticaloa.

Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine has a lot of common features with the food from South India. Many dishes are spicy. Different curries over rice are popular meals. You must try the delicious kothu roti when visiting the country. Other local dishes to enjoy are kiribath and pittu. Note, tap water is not safe to drink, so you should stick to bottled water only. Check that all seals are intact before you buy it.

Hopefully this Sri Lanka travel advice will be useful when you are planning your holiday to this fabulously interesting country of contrasts.

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