Solo Travel in Australia

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Australia is perhaps one of the friendliest, most welcoming, and easy to get around destinations for solo travellers. These aspects, combined with its diverse scenery, interesting indigenous culture, modern cities, heavenly beaches, wide range of activities, and more attracts visitors by the droves. Use these useful tips for solo travel in Australia to make the most of your time down under:

Make Safety a Top Priority

Whilst Australia is usually a very safe place for travellers, you must feel comfortable to enjoy your solo travel experience. Avoid walking alone at night in remote areas, do not enter outback areas alone, and do not stray from tracking paths in national parks or otherwise. Carry a small padlock and a personal attack alarm, and let people at home know your travel plans.

Choose Suitable Accommodation

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When travelling alone, you naturally end up spending more on accommodation than couples or groups. There are often single supplements for rooms, or only double rooms available, at the same price as if two people shared the cost. Australia has a fantastic selection of accommodation options, however, including dorm rooms in hostels. There are same sex dorms available in many places if you do not feel comfortable sleeping in a mixed dorm. Check out these lower priced options to both save money and also meet new friends on the road.

Use Buses and Trains


Many travellers in Australia hire a car or a camper van to move around the country. When you are alone though this can be very dull, especially for long periods of driving. You are also unable to share the driving with anyone, and are therefore more likely to tire quicker and are not able to enjoy the different scenery. Buses and trains are therefore often better transportation options for solo travellers. Luckily, Australia has good long distance transport networks. If you really do want to drive, look in hostels or online for people wanting to car share.

Stay Healthy

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Don’t underestimate the power of the sun; use sun cream every day to prevent burning. Drink plenty of water. Don’t drink too much alcohol. If you are ill, rest. Being ill when you are far away from home and on your own can make you feel even more miserable. You also have nobody to ask for help. It is important, therefore, to do as much as you can to stay fit and well whilst enjoying your solo travel in Australia.

Be Friendly and Approachable

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Smile! It automatically makes you more approachable. Be open and receptive to chatting with people. Let people approach you, and don’t be afraid to approach others and start up conversation. Whether you are looking for some tips on the road, someone to eat dinner with, or a travel buddy, all are easy to find in Australia.

Enjoy Your Exciting Experiences!

Visit the top spots and embrace each day, and you will be sure to have heaps of fun on your solo travel in Australia.

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