Six Ways to Use a Sarong

A sarong could be one of the most versatile items that you can pack when heading off for a period of extended travel. With a suggested six ways to use a sarong on your travels, it really is a very useful, if not essential item to have. The sarong’s many uses are often overlooked, but once you have read these pointers you will, no doubt, be racing to pack a couple in your bag! They are light weight and easy to carry, taking up minimal precious space in your bag. Males and females can use a sarong in most of the suggested ways.

Six ways to use a sarong include:

Beach Wrap

Okay, we’ll start with the obvious use first. A sarong offers the ideal cover up solution for a short walk to or from the beach when you just don’t feel like putting your proper clothes on, or a quick hop to a shop or bar whilst soaking up the rays.

Beach Towel

Why lug a dense, heavy, and space consuming towel to the beach when you can simply spread your sarong on the sands and lie on that? Some people argue that a sarong is not usually made from the best fabric to dry yourself with. Consider this though – when you are laying out on a beach, or by a pool, how long does it usually take for you to dry out naturally in the sun? Not long! If anything, a sarong will dry quicker than a thick towel, leaving you with less damp luggage to carry!

Regular Towel

Ditch the towel altogether – it wastes valuable space in your bag. The vast majority of places that you stay will have towels available for guests to use. Of those that do not have towels, many rent them to people for a small fee. This small amount of occasional money is well worth it when you don’t have to keep cramming a towel into your bag. For times when there are no towels, or you simply do not want to pay to borrow one, you will always have your sarong as a back up! And, as mentioned above, it will dry so quickly and not weight your bag down or make your other things smell musty.

General Cover Up

In some sightseeing places, especially temples and other places of worship, it is required that guests have their shoulders covered. In others, it is prohibited for women to wear shorts. With your sarong tucked away into your day bag you’re well covered! Wrap it around as a makeshift skirt, or fashion it like a poncho to cover the shoulders and upper arms.

Wrapping and Padding

A sarong can be used to provide extra padding and cushioning for valuable items, such as laptops and other breakables.

Light Blanket

They won’t provide so much warmth, but a sarong can provide some welcome relief on a cool air conditioned bus. Snuggle down and get more comfortable on those long journeys. Alternatively, wrap a t-shirt inside in a bundle and use it as a rough and ready pillow.

There are many more uses for a sarong – tie it in inventive ways to create a cute evening top, use it to create a make shift sling in the case of an injury or accident, bundle belongings inside to keep them all together a-la Dick Whittington … it really is one of the most versatile and useful items you can pack!

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