Safety Tips for Visiting Pakistan

Central Asia’s Pakistan is a country with several awesome mountains, glorious countryside, a rich heritage and culture, and interesting cities and villages. It is also, sadly, shadowed by a dark spot, one which has given this nation a somewhat negative reputation. Travelling to this place comes with a lot of caution, especially if you decide to go it alone and travel solo.

Here are some valuable safety tips for visiting Pakistan to make this country one of the most memorable places you’ve seen:


The first thing to be taken into consideration is having complete credentials, including your tourist visa and passport with at least six months’ validity left. Having another form of ID is also strongly recommended. Visitors should take extra care to have copies of each and every required document while travelling in Pakistan so as to avoid any inconvenience. If you are asked to show proof of your identity, try and show just a copy. If pushed for the original, don’t let it leave your hands.


Pakistan’s healthcare can be rather sketchy so it is prudent to get all relevant vaccinations done before entering this country. Also since Pakistan is known for not being very clean in terms of fundamental amenities, travellers are recommended to carry ample prescription medication to last well beyond the trip, copies of any repeat prescriptions in case of emergency, and a comprehensive first aid kit. Visitors may want to strongly consider carrying a sterile needle kit too. Tourists should carry a good amount of distilled water with them as the country does not often have reliable access to clean and hygienic drinking water.

Accessing Funds

It is important to have enough local currency in cash. ATMs can be fairly difficult to find and travellers should avoid using their credit cards too much. Cards not only attract hefty fees but there is a possible risk of fraud and theft. One should make sure to have ample cash so that travelling in this country becomes easier, thus making the journey totally unforgettable.

Travel Insurance

Travelling to Pakistan can be a daunting task, and travellers should have comprehensive travel insurance before setting foot inside the country. Not only does travel insurance help in cases of illness and accident, but it also protects against cancellations, losses, theft, and a myriad of other potential problems, both big and small.

Cultural Awareness

Pakistan is a very cultural and religious country and one should be fully responsive to the customs of this land. Take some time before your trip to read up about the dos and don’ts – and make sure you follow advice when there.


Pakistan is, at present, not a very politically safe and sound nation. Travellers wishing to enjoy the serene places of this country should steer well clear of discussions about politics and how the country is organised. Keep your opinions firmly to yourself! Also, abstain from getting involved with military processions and demonstrations – if you see a large gathering of people in any given place it is much better to skedaddle sharply!

Language Barriers

Since many Pakistani people are not very adept in English, it is always better to have a local dictionary to hand at the very least. Translation Apps can help immensely in Pakistan, and knowing a few local Urdu words can really go a long way.

Avoid Alcohol

A strongly Islamic country, visitors should avoid drinking alcohol in public places.

Standards of Dress

Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself and attracting negative reactions by dressing modestly and conservatively and conforming to local standards of dress. It can help by buying a few outfits whilst in the country. This point is especially relevant to women. It is imperative for women for them to cover their heads in scarves whilst roaming around the streets of Pakistan and when visiting holy places. Shoes should not be worn while entering in any sacred place of worship, by men or by women.

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