Romantic things to do in Austria

Looking for an outstanding romantic destination in Europe? With heaps of romantic things to do in Austria, why not treat that special someone to a stay in this gorgeous country?

Austria is popular for its scenic beauty and abundance of great things to see and do. The beautiful mountainous terrain is perfect for those who love spending time in the great outdoors, and there are also charming villages and bustling cities brimming with culture to enjoy.

Some terrific romantic things to do in Austria include:

Wander through Vienna’s Stunning Heart

In the city’s oldest quarters, on the banks of the River Danube, you’ll find quaint cobblestone lanes just as they were hundreds of years ago. The historical charms and olde-worlde vibe certainly inspire l’amour! Stroll arm in arm through the charming area and soak up the abundance of interesting sights.

A walk along Vienna‘s Schonlaterngasse or Domgasse is also a great way to inject a little romance whilst exploring the country’s capital city.

Enjoy Mirabell Gardens

Another lovely Vienna highlight, the Mirabell Gardens are great for lovers, especially on a warm and sunny day. Soak up the pretty surroundings and relax with a delicious picnic in the shade of one of the overhanging trees.

Cruise the River Danube

Even the river’s name often conjures up images of love, and several operators arrange boat trips along the scenic river. The famous composer, Strauss, composed a waltz to celebrate the Danube’s beauty … there is certainly a lyrical and magical feel to an evening boat trip. Relax onboard with your partner and enjoy the views as you drift along the water.

Visit a Vineyard

Austria is home to several beautiful vineyards, excellent for scenery and wine-tasting. You’ll find some terrific vineyards within easy reach of Vienna, some of which offer amazing views back towards the city.

Ride a Fiaker

A fiaker is a horse drawn carriage ride; a truly romantic way to explore a city. Snug down in the carriage and let the delightful atmosphere inspire loving feelings.

Spend a Night at the Opera

Austria is well-known for its opera, and Vienna’s Staatsoper is the cream of the crop. Shaped like a horseshoe, the red and gold hues of the striking auditorium help to set the scene for a world-class performance. Ifopera isn’t your thing you could also enjoy a ballet.

Visit the Lover’s Bridge

In Salzburg you’ll find a pretty bridge where couples flock to lock their love. Fix your own padlock to the railing, make a wish, steal a kiss, and then toss the keys into the water below.

Explore Exciting Caves

Head into the underground together and have exciting adventures exploring some of Obertraun’s fascinating cave systems. Some of the most popular include the spectacular Giant Ice Cave, the Mammoth Cave, and Koppenbruller Cave.

Drive along the Romantic Road

With a name like the Romantic Road, it is easy to see how you are likely to feel on a drive along this famous route. Running between Vienna and Salzburg and passing by more than 20 charming traditional and historical villages, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. The gorgeous landscapes are dotted with sparkling lakes, ornate palaces, grand castles, and interesting museums.

This is just a small selection of the many romantic things to do in Austria – it really is a country that offers so much for couples looking to enjoy some quality time together!

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