Romantic Spots on Santorini

One of the Greek Islands, Santorini has been a relaxed and popular holiday destination for a long time. As well as the famous Santorini white domed buildings, the island is known for its stunning views, splendid scenery, picture-perfect sunsets, delicious cuisine, and sophisticated night life. It is ideal for all types of traveller, but is a special favourite with couples who are looking for that special spot to enjoy some romance with a loved one. There are plenty of romantic spots on Santorini, as well as many activities that couples can enjoy doing together.

Some of the best romantic spots on Santorini include:

The Caldera

The island was created by a vicious volcanic explosion, many many years ago. Santorini is still home to an active volcano. There is a splendid water filled caldera, where you can see the different colours of the ocean waters clearly. Blues and greens mix in stark, beautiful contrast. Boat trips to the caldera are one of the most popular things to do whilst on the island, especially for romance seekers.

The Heavenly Beaches

Santorini is fringed by absolutely stunning beaches. A particular novelty is that you will find sands of various different colours on the island. There are gleaming black sandy beaches, created by volcanic rocks, typical soft yellow sandy beaches, and one that has sand of a bright red colour! The beaches are perfect for relaxing with a loved one, soaking up the sun or enjoying a swim in the cool, clear waters. There are plenty of places to eat and drink alongside many of the beaches, so you could enjoy a meal with an outstanding ocean view. Water sports are also available on several of the beaches – why not consider going on a snorkelling or diving trip for some deep sea romance? You will be able to observe a wide range of marine life, including vibrant, colourful fish.

Lookout Points at Sunset

Whilst the island’s lookout points are romantic spots at any time of the day, providing amazing and incredible views of the island and sea, they are particularly worth visiting as the sun goes down. Santorini is known for being one of the best places on the globe for being able to see gorgeous sun sets. Watch the colours of the sky change as light fades into night.


There are a number of top class vineyards and wineries on the flat part of the island, where you can enjoy sampling a variety of locally produced Greek wines. As well as being able to try the nice wines, you will be in the heart of some truly lovely scenery, perfect for inspiring feelings of love, wonder, and passion!

Hot Springs

There are some delightful hot springs where you can relax and let your cares melt away. Float about in the luxuriously warm water with your partner. The mud at the bottom is meant to be great for the skin, with many people scooping up handfuls of the gloopy substance to rub all over their body.

With so many romantic spots on Santorini, why not make this the next destination for a memorable break with a special person?

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