Nepal Travel Tips

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earth for enjoying the very best of Mother Nature’s creations. Soaring mountains are dotted with local villages, and life for many rural people is how it has been for hundreds of years. Home to the mighty Mount Everest and the bustling Kathmandu, a visit to Nepal is like no other.

There are several Nepal Travel Tips to help all travellers, especially solo visitors make the most of their time in this spectacular Asian country. Whether you choose to spend your time trekking, admiring nature, or visiting traditional communities, set forth and let Nepal capture your imagination.

The top Nepal Travel Tips are as follows:

Never Trek Alone

Nepal - Sagamartha Trek - 204 - crowd on Kala Pattar

As tempting as it can be to head into the wilderness alone in search of solitude, this is never a safe option for travellers. Team up with other people or hire a local and knowledgeable guide to accompany you on your adventures. You will still find plenty of private moments and time for contemplation and reflection, but you will have the benefit of safety in numbers as well as potentially meeting some fantastic new friends.

A local guide can share much wisdom and insights about the area, providing a cultural edge to your natural journey. There have been a growing number of reports of solo trekkers simply disappearing whilst hiking in Nepal.

Do Not Give Money to Street Beggars

There is a lot of poverty across Nepal, and the street beggars may really pull on the heart strings. Unfortunately, what you see as an act of kindness is creating a perpetuating problem. Do not give money to beggars. Instead, if you feel impassioned to help, donate to one of the country’s charities, who will spend the funds in the most appropriate way and make sure that aid is dispersed where most needed.

As with many countries, locals see foreigners as a source of wealth; do not enhance that stereotype.

Avoid Displays of Wealth

Whilst Nepal is generally a safe country for visitors, one should avoid wearing or displaying anything that may make them a target for thieves. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and high value items.

Avoid the Weed

Nepal - Patan - Durbar Square Elephant

Although marijuana is widely available in Nepal, it is illegal. There can be penalties for possession and use.

Be Food and Drink Safety Aware

Nothing can spoil a trip more than a bad bout of an upset stomach, so be conscious about what you are eating and drinking. Only drink bottled water that is sealed when you purchase it. Avoid raw vegetables, and make sure that all food has been thoroughly cooked prior to consuming.

Carry Toilet Paper and Cleansing Hand Gel

Standards of hygiene can be very different in Nepal to what you are used to back at home. It is always wise to have an emergency stash of toilet paper and alcohol hand gel.

Exchange Currency Before Leaving Nepal

Any left over money must be exchanged in the country. It cannot be exchanged elsewhere.

Steer Clear of the Dance Bars

These are unfortunately known as being tourist traps, complete with a range of scams to get visitors to part with cash. Some have a reputation for violence and intimidation. A solo traveller is always an easier target than a group, so it is best to avoid these places all together.

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