Markets in Santiago

Chile’s beautiful capital city of Santiago has a treasure trove of splendid markets to enjoy. Aside from the other top city sights, you can easily spend days exploring the general hustle and bustle of the excellent markets in Santiago. There are some that are aimed mainly at tourists, whilst others allow you to take a peek into the daily lives of regular people a locals go about their business and shopping. Even if you don’t plan on actually making any purchases you can still enjoy browsing and people watching. At some you will also find some terrific spots to stop for a bite to eat.

Some products to look out for include jewellery and trinkets made using the dazzling blue semi-precious gem of lapis lazuli, which can only be found in Afghanistan in addition to Chile, traditional carved wooden figures, musical instruments, and locally enjoyed toys and games.

Some of the best markets in Santiago include:

La Vega

La Vega is a lively fruit and vegetable market, offering an abundance of sights and explosions of colour. There are likely to be some products that you rarely see back at home. The produce is fresh and delicious, and you could pick up some juicy fruits for a tasty snack. Many locals do their regular shopping here.

Mercado Central

Close to La Vega, this is another popular market with tourists and locals alike, with the former coming to experience the atmosphere and the latter coming to stock up on supplies. It is a busy market, selling many different types of fish and seafood. There is also a section of restaurants where you can dine on delicious local produce.

Santa Lucia Crafts Market

Santa Lucia Crafts Market is a great place to stock up on souvenirs and mementoes to take home with you. As well as great items from Chile, you will also find a varied selection of items from other nearby South American countries. With a great assortment of different arts and crafts, it offers plenty of choices.

Los Dominicos

This is another fabulous arts and crafts market, and you will also be able to see local craftspeople and artisans at work. See how products are made, and watch things change from their original form to the wonderful finished result.

Patronato Clothes Market

Looking for a great deal on clothes in Santiago? If so, head to this popular market. It is often very busy, with lots of people looking for great outfits at bargain prices. The stalls and shops are spread over a fairly large area, with labyrinth-like alleys revealing even more. As well as being a great place for clothes, footwear, and accessories, there are also many food sellers, making it a great place to schedule in a lunch break!

Have fun exploring the different markets in Santiago, but don’t forget to take your bartering head with you!

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