Jordan Travel Guide

In the Middle East, Jordan is a friendly country filled with lots of culture, numerous attractions, and an abundance of intriguing historical sites. Jordan is often said to be one of the most welcoming of the Middle Eastern countries for visitors, so why not plan a trip and see the many delights for yourself? This Jordan travel guide should make your planning a bit easier, leaving you free to daydream about your forthcoming adventure!

Jordan Visas

People of most nationalities will need a visa to enter Jordan. Visas are typically valid for stays of up to one month and they can be obtained on arrival at mort entry points. An exception is at the King Hussein Bridge – if you are planning to enter the country here you will need to arrange your visa before you travel.

Getting Around Jordan

Many visitors choose to visit Jordan as part of an organized tour in order to maximize their time and hit all the highlights with ease. Several operators can arrange trips. If you do decide to visit the country independently it is fairly easy to get around by road. There are frequent buses that connect the major places of interest, and they are reasonably priced. The roads are generally in good condition. Internal flights connect the capital city of Amman and Aqaba. Within cities and towns, taxis are available in abundance and they are usually pretty cheap. Lots of people hitch hike too. This is fairly easy and safe in Jordan, although you can never be completely sure of your safety when travelling in this way.

Food in Jordan

You will be able to find a wide range of different cuisines in Jordan, especially in the main cities and in the prime tourist destinations. The traditional dishes in Jordan are very similar to those in neighbouring countries. Flat bread, known locally as khobez, is eaten a lot. Mansaf is a favourite dish, made using yoghurt, rice, lamb, bread chunks, nuts, and spices. Well known dishes include hummus and falafel, and you will also find plenty of nice cheeses, as well as eggs, salads, and various meats.


Jordan is a very safe country, and it is one of the most liberal of the Middle Eastern nations. Whilst women are advised to dress modestly to prevent causing offence, there are no strict dress codes as in other nearby countries. It is important that people of both genders dress appropriately when visiting religious and sacred sites. Driving can be dangerous due to local drivers who can sometimes be fairly erratic on the roads. In general, Jordanians are welcoming and friendly.

Key Places of Interest

The ancient City of Petra is usually high on the list for any visitor to Jordan. The red and pink hues give the city a magical and captivating air, and you can spend hours wandering around the fascinating site. The desert of Wadi Rum is another immensely popular destination. The capital city has several interesting things to do and see, and you can float effortlessly in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. It is possible to venture into the arid desert as well as visiting Bedouin groups for a glimpse of traditional life.

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