Planning a 7-days Road Trip In Sicily!

If you have always dreamt about visiting Italy during summertime, then the best way to travel around this incredible island is by road trip!

Here are the main stops for your road trip to Sicily in 7 days:

Day 1

We suggest to start with Catania, one of the main cities in the Island. This beautiful city is known for its architectural and historical beauties and also for the enchanting beaches. While here, you must absolutely take a tour of Piazza del Duomo, the historical heart of the city, where spectacular baroque buildings surround the symbol of the city i.e. the little elephant obelisk. If you are passionate about history, you must also see the Greek-Roman amphitheatre and Castello Ursino, funded by Frederick II, king of Sicily in the 13th century.

Stormclauds in Canneto

Day 2

Heading south for less than an hour, you can reach the city of Syracuse. The main attractions of this city are: the archaeological site of Neapolis which includes an impressive Greek theatre. This area was defined by Cicero as ‘the most beautiful city built by Greeks’. Then you can walk through the little streets of Ortigia which is the historical centre of the city: what makes it so special is the fact that it is entirely located on an island.

Day 3

Sicily is also very known for its Volcano Etna. An excursion at 2000 meters of height is mandatory to admire the enchanting landscape made of lava flows, brooms and chestnuts. Then you can continue the visit by going to Taormina which hosts many historical beauties such as: the ancient theatre, the Corvaja palace, Umberto avenue.

From my window

Day 4

After a traditional Sicilian breakfast made of granita and brioche, you can continue your road trip to Noto, the European capital of Baroque architecture listed among Unesco World heritage sites since 2002. In the beautiful historical canter you will admire several monuments such as the beautiful churches and cathedrals of S. Chiara, SS. Salvatore, Cattedrale S. Nicolò, Ducezio Palace. Also the Roman Villa of Tellaro certainly is worth a visit because of its precious mosaics.

road trip to Sicily

Day 5

Your trip continues to the splendid city of Ragusa where you can admire the Castle of Donnafugata. Then move to the centre of the town and lose yourself among the little streets until you reach Piazza del Duomo. Later in the day we suggest you to visit also the nearby town of Modica, known for the production of a unique chocolate!


Day 6

A few km away from Syracuse, you can find the astonishing Palazzolo Acreide, which is a little village built by ancient Greeks to defend the city of Syracuse. Many archaeological evidences are preserved in this town such as the Bouleuterion (the ancient council house), and the lautumiae (tufa quarries).

Day 7.

Well on your last day maybe you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach before heading home from the Catania port!

Sicily can be easily reached by plane to the airport of Catania, but if you want to rent a car and discover this beautiful island step by step, we suggest to reach Sicily by ferry, which is far less expensive and much more fascinating!

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