Hitting the Great Ocean Road Down Under

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is one of the most incredible coastal drives in the world. There are stacks of excellent outdoor activities, amazing views, cute towns and villages, cultural attractions, terrific spots to eat and drink … and more! The Great Ocean Road runs alongside the coast in Victoria; it starts (or ends!) a short way outside of Melbourne and is around 250 kilometres long.

Take your time and enjoy the varied activities and attractions, as well as, of course, the breathtaking views that can be seen around every corner! Be careful when driving as the road can be a bit hairy in some places – with just the sea one side and the rock face the other and lots of sharp corners!

Some incredible things to enjoy on the Great Ocean Road include:

The 12 Apostles

One of the most iconic sights on the route, the spectacular 12 Apostles is a very photogenic formation of limestone rocks in the water. Caused by erosion over hundreds and thousands of years, they are one of the area’s most popular tourist spots. There are a couple of different viewing areas where you can stand and admire the rocks; sunsets are particularly magical! The 12 Apostles are near the pretty Port Campbell National Park.

London Arch and The Grotto

Another stunning natural rock feature, the London Arch used to be used as a bridge to one of the islands – before parts of it collapsed! Today, it is a very striking sight in the water. There are several places where you can safely stop for great pictures and amazing views.

The Grotto is nearby and is a hole in the rocks … that doesn’t sound all that incredible until you actually see it! You can climb the steps down the cliffs for close-up views.

Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures

Daredevils take note! For fun in the tree tops and a natural “high”, head to the fantastic Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures. You can move safely around different platforms, admiring the rainforest views from above, and feel the rush as you hurtle along a zip wire. There is also a high walkway if you want to enjoy a calmer experience! You’ll certainly see the forests differently, whichever way you choose. Underneath, with your feet firmly on the ground, you can enjoy a variety of nature walks as you try to spot local wildlife.

Devil’s Elbow

Devil’s Elbow is the appropriately-named steepest turn on the whole of the Great Ocean Road. Going around the hairpin corner may leave you feeling a little dizzy! There is a monument that remembers WW1 soldiers, who constructed the road in honour of their friends who did not come back from the war.

Split Point Lighthouse

Not only is this lighthouse pretty, but it is also famous! It featured in a popular Aussie kids’ program from the 1990s called “Around the Twist”. Make your way to the top of the lighthouse for great views and take a stroll in the park that surrounds the lighthouse. There is a historic house to enjoy and you can sit and relax in the charming tea rooms.

Apollo Bay

Almost in the middle of the Great Ocean Road, the picturesque Apollo Bay is a great place to linger for a while. If you want to chill out on a gorgeous beach and enjoy a whole host of exciting water sports, here’s your place! Go fishing, sailing, kayaking, swimming, surfing … and more! Nearby you can also stop by cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, and craggy cliffs. The atmosphere is super relaxed and you can dine on some of the freshest locally-caught seafood.

Kennet River

Love nature? Check out Kennet River where you can get up close to wild koalas sleeping in the trees. It can be quite difficult to see wild koalas in other parts of the country, but here, the koalas don’t seem that bothered by people and just go about their business as normal!

This is just a tiny selection of the wonders that are waiting for you on the scenic and highly memorable Great Ocean Road.

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