Health Tourism Hotspots around the World

Medical tourism is on the rise, with many people heading overseas for treatment. This can be for several reasons, including cost factors, standards of healthcare, waiting times / faster service, a desire to keep things from friends and family, and a more appealing environment in which patients can rest and recuperate after treatments.

A large number of countries all over the world are starting to heavily target medical travellers, including places in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Agencies work hard to promote cheaper health care options and attract foreign visitors, usually from developed countries where healthcare costs are rather expensive.

Some of the world’s leading destinations for healthcare tourism include:


Singapore is a leading specialist in the treatment of various forms of cancer. People travel here, however, for all kinds of treatments. The World Health Organization not only ranks Singapore as having the best health care system in all of Asia, but also amongst the top six global countries for healthcare. High standards of care, relatively low costs, and efficiency make Singapore a popular option with many people who are seeking treatment abroad.


India is amongst the top five medical tourist spots in the world. The country has seen a massive number of medical tourists from all around the world. Because of medical tourism, India is offering better healthcare than ever, with more advanced technology, highly-skilled doctors and nurses, and terrific facilities.

It is not uncommon for people from Europe and the USA to seek healthcare in India in order to save up to 75% of what it would have cost in their home country. Add to that a cheap cost of living, relevant during periods of rest post-treatment and for visiting friends and family, it is little surprise why many people choose India for their health and wellness.


Israel is the world’s leading destination for in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, and it has the largest amount of specialist clinics per capita than any other place around the globe. It draws numerous couples from various international destinations, all united with one common desire – to have a child.

IVF can be prohibitively costly in many countries. Israel, on the other hand, provides free, unlimited IVF procedures for up to two children, with the only major restriction being that the female is under the age of 45.

South Korea

South Korea is a major provider of cosmetic surgery, with many people coming here for such procedures. The Korean views on cosmetic surgery are largely that it is natural, normal, and harmless for a person to want to enhance or alter their features, with many South Koreans believing that cosmetic surgery is actually essential for a happier life that is filled with better career and marriage prospects!

Dentistry work, both cosmetic and medical, is also popular in South Korea. If you always dreamed about having a perfect set of teeth, this could be somewhere to look into further.


Brazil is another popular destination for those seeking cosmetic enhancements. Indeed, it is a world-leader when it comes to plastic surgery, and many people seek out butt-lifting procedures!

Malaysia attracts people wanting a diverse range of healthcare treatments and procedures, popular because of its good infrastructure, high levels of spoken English, well-trained professionals, affordable IVF treatments, top-class burns treatments, and more. Hungary is particularly popular with people from nearby countries who are seeking cheaper dental work than they could find at home. And China attracts those who want to combine western technologies and treatments with traditional Chinese medicine and therapies.

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