Georgia Travel Advice

The splendid country of Georgia deserves more mentions than it is probably given. Sitting near to the Black Sea, it boasts some spectacular beaches, mountains, and countryside, as well as a vibrant culture, fascinating history, friendly people, and interesting cities. It is spread across Europe and Asia. Some Georgia travel advice comes in useful when planning your trip to this cool country to help you really make the most of your stay.

There are some regions where travel is highly discouraged, with ongoing conflicts and troubles, and visitors should be sure to check any governmental guidance before setting off. The rest of the country, however, is generally very safe. In fact Georgia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe!

This Georgia travel advice may come in handy if you are thinking of taking a trip:

Visa Requirements

Many countries do not need a visa to visit Georgia. These include member states of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, South Africa, the UAE, Brazil, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, India, Turkey, and Mexico. People who do need a visa to enter the country can apply for one at a Georgian Embassy or Consulate.

Language in Georgia


The main language is Georgian, which is completely unique and unlike any other language. Many people can also understand Russian. Younger folk are likely to know some English, due to the education system, although a phrase book or translation tool is highly recommended.

Getting to Georgia

Many visitors to Georgia arrive by plane, flying into the capital city of Tbilisi. Some ferries also allow entry to the country, there are trains between Georgia and Armenia and Azerbaijan, and road access is possible from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Iran, and Iraq.

Getting Out and About in Georgia

Minibuses ply regular routes. They are called marshrutkas and are flagged down at the side of the road. The country is fairly well connected by train. Unlike many places, taxis are usually considered one of the best ways to get around due to them being really reasonable in price, and the freedom to go where you want and when you want. It is often better to join a tour to more remote parts of the country, where public transport may be problematic.

Georgian Food and Drink

Georgia is known for its delicious food and drink. Some traditional fare to try includes the meat filled spicy dumplings, called khinkali, and the well known side dish of khachapuri – a type of cheesy bread. Meats on a skewer and stuffed pastries are popular, and there is often a good selection of vegetarian dishes.
With a very long wine making history, Georgian wines are amongst the best across the whole globe. There are several national beers, including Lomisi, Aluda, Tushuri, and Kazbegi, and Chacha is a popular alcoholic drink that is rather like moonshine!

Places to Visit

With so many top spots across the country, it can be difficult to know where to begin! The capital city of Tbilisi offers rich cultural and historical attractions and it is easy to fall in love with the beautiful city. Gori was the hometown of Stalin, and there are some great beaches at Batumi. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mtskheta is filled with historical buildings and monuments, and is also the home of the Orthodox Church.

The areas around Telavi are filled with grand castles, peaceful monasteries, and excellent wineries. Kutaisi is the second most important city in the country, and those who enjoy winter skiing will love the slopes at Bakuriani and Pasanauri. Climb Mount Kazberg to reach the awesome Tsminda Sameba Monastery and enjoy sweeping panoramic views.
Caves, waterfalls, volcanoes, palaces, and traditional villages add to Georgia’s many excellent things to do and see.

Places to Avoid

Due to ongoing conflicts and a state of civil war, you should avoid going to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Follow this Georgia travel advice and start planning a memorable trip that is sure to be the envy of all your friends!

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