Food Guide 101: What to Eat in Paris

Just say “J’adore la nourriture” or “J’aime manger!” in Paris and you’ll find yourself exposed to a tremendous variety of delightful foods to experience. Yes, Paris is a fabulous place for foodies. World-famous for its cuisine, Paris has an abundance of eateries to satisfy your hunger. From top class restaurants to laid-back cafes and humble bakeries, there really isn’t any reason to feel hungry in Paris!

It is all but essential to savour a wide selection of delicacies while in Paris. There are so many things to eat there that it would take years and years to sample them all! Dishing up some of the finest French cuisine, you will also find eateries that serve a range of different regional dishes from all over the country. There’s no need to travel the length and breadth of the country for a great overview of its gastronomy.

Here are some of the top tries on your next visit to Paris:

Duck Confit

Duck confit was originally created to preserve the freshness of duck meat for future meals. The duck is cooked in its own fat until it becomes melt-in-the-mouth soft. Take note that the duck tastes the best when its skin starts to turn crisp and golden. Cooked with various herbs, you can really taste all the deliciousness in which the legs and thighs were marinated. It is often accompanied with a variety of sauces according to personal preference.


Hardly anyone departs Paris before munching on these fragile and delicious pastries. Consisting of two almond meringue shells joined together with a smooth butter cream or ganache, macarons are widely available across the city. Just imagine sitting in a Parisian eatery and savouring every last bite of these dainty and gorgeous little sandwich-like treats. In fact, why limit yourself to just the one when you can have several?! With a soft and chewy centre that perfectly complements the thin outer crust, you’re sure to be hooked!


A hearty and comforting dish, cassoulet is a tasty and filling stew made from duck and beans. Whilst originally from the southwestern part of France, it has spread to other areas around the country, including the chic capital of Pars. It might take some time to prepare, but really the wait is totally worth it!


Something of a staple food on many Parisian menus, this is a dish that can be dressed up to the nines and fancified, or enjoyed as a casual and understated feed. A chunk of tender steak and a pile of skinny crispy fries – what could be better?!

French Onion Soup

Amongst the most popular soups on the planet, make sure you try a bowl of French onion soup on your travels around Paris. A thick and creamy soup with the distinctive tangy taste of fresh onions, it is perfectly completed with lashings of melted cheese on the top. Served with fresh chunky bread, it’s divine! Try it as a starter or enjoy on its own for a warming and tasty lunch.

These are just five culinary delights to wrap your mouth around when in the City of Lights. Freshly-baked croissants and pastries are terrific for breakfast, and crepes sold by street vendors and from small hole-in-the-wall creperies often cannot help but entice. Yummy éclairs are a must, and other top things to try include mussels, veal, and buttery caramels.

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