Five Epic Cruise Destinations!

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Thinking of going on a cruise this year?! I’ve put a list of spectacular cruise destinations together as inspiration as I’m thinking about going on one next year!

Check some of these out:

Eastern Mediterranean

Prepare yourself for a journey into the ancient past on a whirlwind tour of the Eastern Mediterranean. This part of Europe is home to some of the most historic cities and sacred sites in the world. Nothing can match the watery splendour of Venice, with its picturesque waterways and grand piazzas. Athens is looked over by the breath taking Parthenon and has a bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Croatia is another popular destination on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise, with cities like Dubrovnik and Split offering history and sunshine in abundance. More specific itineraries include Greek island hopping and tours of the Holy Land.


Cruise ship

This luxury cruise mecca is well-known as one of the most relaxing and colourful locations in the world. And of course it isn’t just one location – the Caribbean is made up of many islands each with its own unique character and history. Perhaps you want to take it easy in Havana, Cuba, with a rum cocktail and a sea view.

Or maybe the lush interior and exotic parrots of St Lucia attracts you. And there is always the laid back beach life in the Bahamas for those who want to top up their suntan. The great thing about a cruise is that you can visit each of these destinations in one trip – as well as many more.

Central America

Are there many more iconic stretches of water in the world than the Panama Canal? Sail the course of the canal between two vast oceans on a Central American cruise. Stop off points range from the verdant rainforests of Costa Rica to UNESCO world heritage sites like Panama City’s Casco Viejo district.

Sailing up the coast towards Nicaragua and Guatemala you will find yet more impressive landmarks, both natural and manmade. The volcanoes and geothermal fields of Nicaragua are among the most spectacular in the world while the ancient Mayan cities of Guatemala are truly fascinating for students of history.

Western Mediterranean


Cruises don’t come more diverse than a voyage around the Western Mediterranean. From the cultural somersaults of Barcelona, to the vibrant markets of Morocco, set sail for this paradise of art, history and beaches and sunshine. One of the most exciting things about a cruise that takes in parts of France, Spain, Italy and Northern Africa is of course the cuisine.

Whether you’re sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun setting in the bay of Naples or gathering round a sizzling platter of tapas in Spain, your taste buds are sure to love this part of the world.

Canary Islands

Looking for a bit of winter sun? if your budget doesn’t stretch to the Caribbean, take a cruise to the Canary Islands. These popular islands combine North African heat and Spanish culture into a fabulous break. From the glamorous beaches of Tenerife and the epic Mt Teide, to the quieter shores of La Gomera there is something for everyone on these sultry islands. Adventurous types can enjoy activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing or even a camel ride during their time ashore.

Kick back and find your sea legs on a cruise this year and report back in the comments section. Enjoy!

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