How to Find Cheap Flights

The cost of flights is often one of the most expensive parts of any trip. There are ways to cut the cost of your air transportation, however, leaving you with more money to save on other parts of your holiday. Many people want to know how to find cheap flights.

Whether you want to upgrade your accommodation and stay in a bit of luxury, enjoy a couple of romantic meals in fancy restaurants, do more sightseeing, take in a few shows, or load up on souvenirs, when you save money on your flights it frees up cash for other things.

Here are some useful tips for how to find cheap flights:

Use a Flight Comparison Feature

Don’t just book the first flight that suits your dates – compare prices with different airlines. Consider searching for a couple of dates either side of your planned date t see if it is cheaper going a day or so earlier or later if your times are fairly flexible. It can also pay to search for flights at the most unpopular times of the day, as these are often significantly cheaper. Look for flights that either depart in the early morning or late night, or arrive at the final destination at an awkward time to get the cheapest rates.

Consider the Day That You Book

Fares are published on Tuesday afternoons. This means that from Tuesday afternoon and all through Wednesday, airlines are competing with each other to offer the very best deals. By Thursdays, however, prices have generally stabilized and all of the cheapest seats and best deals have been snapped up.

Think About the Day That You Fly

Certain days of the week are generally cheaper than other days as they are not as popular for people going on holiday. You can often save money by flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Remember, this also applies for your homeward journey, when booking a return flight, as well as just your outbound flight.

Consider Using Frequent Flyer Rewards

See how much you could save off the base ticket price by redeeming frequent flyer loyalty points. They cannot be used towards taxes, so sometimes it is not cost effective to use your points if the base ticket itself is not so expensive. Work out how much you could possibly save and calculate if it will save you a decent amount of money by using your loyalty points to reduce the price of your airfare. If you are not a member of any frequent flyer reward programs, consider signing up for some. Some are free; this means that you can earn rewards whenever you fly with a particular airline for absolutely no cost to yourself. Even if you rarely fly with a particular airline it is worth having the scheme for the times that you do. Think about the airlines that you use the most and definitely be part of any loyalty and reward schemes that they offer to benefit from savings in the future.

Fly With Minimal Luggage

Make sure that you do not exceed your baggage allowance, as excess baggage charges can be very pricey. Some of the cheapest flights do not include a checked baggage allowance – to keep your costs low, if possible fly with only cabin baggage. Not only can you save money, but you can also be out of the airport quickly without having to spend time waiting next to the baggage carousel.

Take Your Own Snacks

If meals and snacks are not included on your flight, don’t waste money on expensive onboard meals and snacks – take some with you instead. Even a sandwich bought on an airline can be very expensive when compared to the cost of one bought elsewhere. A homemade sandwich is even cheaper! Have a few nibbles in your bag to prevent the temptation of unnecessary in flight spending.

Follow these for how to find cheap flights and keep the cost of air travel low.

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