Feed Your Caffeine Addiction in Vietnam

If you love great coffee, you should definitely add Vietnam to your travel wish list. The second-biggest coffee producer in the world, there are several ways of preparing the caffeine-rich drink in Vietnam, each one strong and bursting with flavor. Cheap and great tasting, whether you sip on a cup of coffee in a well-known chain of coffee shops, pull up a seat in a cosy café, or grab a cup to go from a roadside vendor, you’re sure to be delighted by the taste sensations that flood your mouth with flavor and make your tongue want to start dancing.

Whilst coffee consumption in Vietnam can trace its heritage back to the times of French colonialism, the coffee enjoyed in Vietnam today has evolved greatly from its early days.

You will be able to find famous style of coffee, such as cappuccino and espresso, but for a true Vietnamese coffee sensation, try some of the traditional style of coffee.

Some types of Vietnamese coffee to try include:

Drip Coffee

A type of filter coffee where you literally sit and wait for your coffee to drip its way through the single filter and into your glass / cup, this isn’t a great choice for people who are in a hurry, are super thirsty, or need their caffeine fix RIGHT NOW! If, on the other hand, you have some time to spare and want to relax in a coffee shop and enjoy an unhurried atmosphere, try a Vietnamese drip coffee.

After your coffee makes its way through the filter and you have a full cup / glass of strong black coffee, known locally as ca phe den nong, savour the intense flavour and caffeine hit.

Milky Coffee

Sweet and fairly creamy a milky coffee in Vietnam is typically made using condensed milk. This gives it a thicker consistency and a sweeter taste. It certainly tames the strong coffee! A milky coffee in Vietnam usually looks pretty cute too, with the denser milk sitting in the bottom part of the glass and the lighter water with coffee at the top. The contrast of light and dark in your glass is quite beautiful! Make sure that you mix your drink properly before taking a gulp to get the full benefit of the sweet and sticky deliciousness.

Egg Coffee

Although it probably sounds pretty strange, egg coffee is a tasty and unusual Vietnamese drink that you really should try at least. Dating back to the 1940s when Vietnam experienced a severe dairy shortage, egg was used to dilute the strong coffee instead of milk. People still wanted their coffee hit after all! It is a local Hanoi concoction.

In addition to the actual coffee, dissolved in water, an egg coffee contains condensed milk, sugar, and an egg yolk. As all ingredients are well mixed together, the vibrant yellow of the yolk is masked when combined with the dark coffee and the pale milk. It doesn’t look strange at all!

You can even head to the relocated café that was opened by the inventor of Vietnamese egg coffee. Sit down in the atmospheric Giang Café in Hanoi and enjoy a Vietnamese speciality in your cup.

Many of Vietnam’s coffees are available hot or iced, and other varieties to try include the sweet yoghurt coffee, known locally as ca phe sua / nau chua, and coffee smoothies with added herbs, believed to be beneficial for the health.

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