Eat Your Heart Out in Rome

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Italy is known for its delicious food, and the fascinating capital city of Rome offers you a fabulous taste of the best of what Italy has to dish up. Many regional specialities from all over the country are available in Rome, as well as dishes that originally hailed from the capital. Whilst pizza and pasta are, of course, found in abundance, there are plenty of other tasty dishes for gourmands and foodies to relish with gusto.


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Soft yet very filling, gnocchi is made from flour and potato; one bite and you’re sure to be smitten! It may also be made from semolina or cornmeal, and contain cheese or egg. Gnocchi is a dense and filling type of dumpling, and it may be seasoned with herbs, or have fruit or vegetables for extra flavour. Small ridges help the bite-sized dumplings to hold whichever sauce they are served with. Pesto or melted butter are common toppings. Traditionally, gnocchi were enjoyed on Thursdays, but nowadays they are commonly found in many places on any day of the week.

Trippa alla Romano

A dish made from tripe, trippa alla Romano is a traditional Roman meal that makes use of parts of an animal that would otherwise be discarded after slaughter. Tripe is the lining of a cow’s stomach. In times gone by, it was quite normal for people who worked in the slaughter house to be paid with meat remnants. Indeed, there is a special name for this offal: quinto quarto, or, the fifth quarter. The tripe of trippa alla Romano is steed with tomato sauce with spices until it goes really soft and tender.

Panna Cotta

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A delicious dessert that you’ll probably want to try time and time again, panna cotta is made using thick sweet cream. A fairly basic dessert, its simplicity makes it all the more appealing. Set in a mold, the creamy goodness seems to just melt on your tongue and slide down your throat.

Other fabulous dishes to try in Rome include coda alla vaccinara, a dish of stewed oxtail with tomato, carciofi (artichoke), many pasta dishes, including fettucine alfredo, spaghetti carbonara, and buccatini all’arrabbiata, and saltimbocca. Also, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious gelato after your meal.

Abbacchio alla Scottadito

A succulent lamb-based meal, abbacchio alla scottadito is usually eaten with the fingers; its name actually translates to finger-burning lamb! The lamb is seasoned with a variety of herbs, such as sage, pepper, garlic, and rosemary, and coated with oil before being grilled. A simple dish, the cutlets are, though, undeniably tasty! Its often served with small roasted potatoes. A particular type of lamb, it refers to young lambs that have only been fed by the mother’s milk. A traditional food eaten around Easter time, you can find it all throughout the year nowadays.

Fiori de Zucca

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Made using the flowers from the courgette (also known as the zucchini), fiori de zucca are tasty stuffed and fried flowers. Crammed with creamy mozzarella and fine slices of anchovy, they are then battered to create an unusual crispy delight.

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