Cheap Things to do in San Francisco

Cheap Things to do in San Francisco

For a small city, San Francisco certainly crams in the attractions! With so many things to do, you may find yourself spending longer in this lively city than anticipated. Longer time usually equals more expenses. With many free and low cost activities, however, it is really easy to find cheap things to do in San Francisco.

As well as the well known places of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, itself free to see, make sure you tick these low cost activities and places off your list:

Cheap Sight Seeing in San Francisco

Light on the Marin Headlands - San Francisco, California

Enjoy spectacular scenic views from a cable car; tickets are inexpensive, and it is a fabulous way to get a bird’s eye view of the San Francisco cityscape. Take a stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf, watch the sea lions, and poke around in the bustling markets. Wander through the Italian Quarter and simply admire the stunning architecture. You can make a quick stop at the pretty St Peter and Paul’s Church.

The San Francisco Modern Art Museum offers discounted entry on Thursday evenings. A walk around Chinatown is free, and you can lose yourself in the organized chaos. Cheap eateries can also be found in this part of the city. The seasonal Saturday night market is a real lively affair, with karaoke, food galore, Chinese dragons, shopping, and martial art displays.

The peaceful San Francisco Botanical Garden does not charge an admission fee. Lombard Street, supposedly the world’s most crooked street, is free to walk or drive along. Film lovers can relive the chase from the hit movie Bullit. Ghirardelli Square is ideal for seeing many old and interesting buildings.

Cheap Museums in San Francisco

The San Francisco Railway Museum and the Cable Car Museum offer an insight into the city’s transportation systems, and are both free to enter. The Museo Italo Americano provides a fascinating glimpse into the meld of the two cultures.

It is free to look inside on afternoons between Tuesday and Sunday. The Randall Museum, with its various exhibitions related to science, arts, and the environment, is free between 10am and 5pm between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Cheap Entertainment in San Francisco

San Francisco

If you are in town on a Sunday between April and October, stop by the Sprekels Temple of Music in the Golden Gate Park to enjoy a free traditional music concert. Also on Sundays, Lindy in the Park offers a free and fun swing dance event. There are other seasonal free and low cost events, so be sure to check local advertisements.

Cheap Drinking in San Francisco

On the weekends, start your evening early at the Lost Canyon Winery. With free wine tasting between 1pm and 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays, it would be hard to say no! Rather than paying for club entry, head to one of the bars that offers free music or entertainment.

Whilst the drinks themselves may not be so cheap, you can slowly sip and linger in a terrific atmosphere. On a Friday, head to Liverpool Lil’s for happy hour.

Cheap Eating in San Francisco

With over 4,500 restaurants crammed into the heart of the city, it is incredibly easy to find a place to eat to suit all budgets. There is a terrific range of cuisine from all over the world, and many places offer incredible deals on different days of the week and at set times. Check online before you travel for all deals for food in San Francisco.

With a range of cheap things to do in San Francisco, you can relax, and simply go with the boho flow!

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