Best Things to Do in Seattle

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The USA’s Seattle, located in the state of Washington, is still sometimes known by its nickname of the Emerald City. Harking back to the times when the city had many green and leafy parks, the name has stuck even though the city is becoming more and more built up and urbanised. Home to several global brands and large industries, Seattle boasts a number of fantastic attractions that make for a fun-filled, interesting, and diverse trip.

Some of the best things to do in Seattle include:

Shopping at the Bustling Pike Place Market

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One of the oldest farmers’ markets in the whole of the USA, Pike Place Market is a terrific place to experience the hustle and bustle of a farmers’ market and see a wide range of local produce. Vendors travel from far and wide to sell their goods, with a good selection of fresh produce, handicrafts, and other items. Amongst the most popular places to visit in Seattle, it is also one of the USA’s most sought-after destinations.

Seeing the Magnificent Seattle Views from the Top of the Awesome Space Needle

One of Seattle’s most famous landmarks, and definitely one of its most visible, the mighty Space Needle stands at a proud 185 metres tall. Its stature really makes it stand out in Seattle’s skyline. As well as being an impressive sight to see from afar, you can ascend to the viewing platform by lift and gaze out at the incredible sweeping views. There’s also a revolving restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food and fabulous views.

Admiring the Colours and Scents at Washington Park Arboretum

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Washington Park Arboretum is home to a dazzling array of plants of flowers, with some species that can be found in just a few other spots around the world. The park is split into four main areas: Woodland Garden, Pacific Connections Garden, Shoreline, and the Witt Winter Garden. There are smaller gardens dotted about too, each following a different general theme. A great place for lovers of botany, the peaceful atmosphere also makes it a terrific place to chill out and relax. Pack a picnic and enjoy being in the great outdoors.

Recharging Your Batteries and Having a Drink in the Original Starbucks

Whilst grabbing a cup of coffee in a Starbucks isn’t really a major thing, with so many outlets found nowadays in a wide array of countries all over the world, having a drink in the very first store, where it all began, can be pretty brag-worthy. It first opened its doors and started giving locals their caffeine fix back in 1971. Don’t be surprised to see a different logo to the familiar signs found in other stores; this store has maintained its original logo, letting people see how the dream began.

Chewing Your Gum and Adding it to the Unusual Gum Wall

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One of Seattle’s most unusual, and also slightly gross, attractions is the Gum Wall. Found close to Pike Place Market, an otherwise ordinary stretch of brick wall is covered in now-hardened and once-saliva-dripping pieces of gum that people finished with. Add your own discarded gum to this constantly-altering piece of public “art”.
Other interesting and fun things to do in Seattle include visiting Chihuly Gardens and Glass, visiting Bainbridge Island, taking a stroll along the Seattle Waterfront, marvelling at the diverse pieces in Seattle Art Museum, watching the sun go down from Kerry Park, taking in even more great views from the Sky View Observatory, and visiting Ballard Locks.

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