Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is a huge country that is filled with varying landscapes, enticing cities, and a wealth of attractions and activities to keep everyone entertained. It can be difficult to select the best places to visit in Russia, but here’s a good starter:


The capital city of Russia is home to the previously secret Kremlin, brimming with interesting architecture, fascinating museums, and one of the biggest bells in the world! Outside the Kremlin walls, the beautiful and whimsical St Basil’s Cathedral sits at the edge of the famous Red Square, and near to Lenin’s Tomb. Moscow’s metro is known for being one of the most ornate underground systems in the whole world, and the city also boasts an international dining scene and a lively night life.

St Petersburg

One of country’s most elegant and cultural cities, St Petersburg is a former capital of the country and contains numerous whispers from the days of the mighty Tsars. One of the city’s grandest attractions is the brilliant Hermitage Museum, where you can marvel at a vast selection of the very finest art work. The delightful buildings of the museum include the glorious Winter Palace. Other interesting places to visit in the city include the Summer Gardens, St Peter and Paul’s Fortress, and St Isaac’s Cathedral. The gloomily named Church of the Spilled Blood is where the gruesome murder of Tsar Alexander the Second took place.

Lake Baikal

In the unforgiving Russian area of Siberia, known for its extreme temperatures and biting cold winters, you can visit the magnificent Lake Baikal. Popular with both Russians and foreign visitors alike, it is one of the world’s oldest natural lakes, as well as being the deepest lake on the planet. The sparkling blue waters and the surrounding dramatic landscapes create some truly picturesque scenery. There are hot springs to bathe in, and swimming is also possible in the lake. Various outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the area, and you can also visit the home of Buddhism in Thailand, as well as a number of ethnic minority communities.


In Yekaterinburg you can see a rich contrast of stark soviet era architecture, as well as ancient Orthodox churches. The irony of these two very different types of buildings in close proximity, and the symbolism behind each, is not lost. There are a few interesting museums, and it offers a glimpse of one of Russia’s many different faces.


Kazan is widely referred to as the third capital city of Russia. It boasts a long and varied history, and is a really pretty city. There is a rich selection of different religious buildings, and the position of Islamic Mosques and Christian Churches sitting side by side really embodies the idea of coexistence and harmony. There are different architectural styles from various time periods, reflecting the city’s long legacy. Previously a Tatar Fortress, the Kremlin is home to a great selection of interesting sites, and there are museums scattered around the city.

Whilst these are often said to be some of the best places to visit in Russia, some other great places to visit include the country’s oldest city of Novgorod, the ancient town of Suzdal, the soaring Mount Elbrus, and the out-of-this-world natural wonder of the Valley of Geysers.

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