Best Museums in Bucharest

Romania’s Bucharest is a truly undervalued European treasure. It has a rich and colourful history, stunning architecture, lovely parks, many museums, great restaurants, and a plethora of wonderful attractions for all. It is a perfect city to enjoy a short break.

To help you discover the best of the city, here are some of the best museums in Bucharest:

Sutu Palace

This neo-Gothic designed palace was famous for hosting elaborate and elegant balls. It features painted ceilings, colourful tiles, and parquet floors. There are many interesting exhibits, with the Bucharest History and Art Museum now being contained inside the former grand palace. One can see traditional costumes, coins, maps, weapons, old furniture, documents, paintings, etchings, statues, and more.

Royal Palace

This charming, grand, and decadent building is home today to a fabulous art museum, show casing some of the finest pieces from Romanian artists. It is the widest selection of Romanian art in the whole country, and perhaps in the entire world.

Dr Moses Rosen Museum

For a look into the past lives of Bucharest’s Jewish community, this museum is the place to go. It is inside the Great Synagogue, and contains artifacts such as paintings, books, and written accounts of Romanian Jews. There are also ritualistic items.

Art Collections Museum

Art lovers will be in heaven in this well stocked museum. It features European and Oriental works, giving a rich diversity.

Cantacuzino Palance

This ostentatiously grand building is home to the George Enescu Museum. There are various items that belonged to the late great Romanian composer and violin player.

Village Museum

This is Europe’s largest open air museum, and is one of Bucharest’s top attractions. Within the pretty Herestrau Park, and alongside the banks of the glistening Lake Herestrau, the museum has 50 different buildings that are representative of Romanian rural architecture. There are log cabins, watermills, churches, barns, peasant homes, and more. Impressively, the village is not a complete reconstruction; the buildings were authentic buildings across the country that were carefully disassembled, moved, and rebuilt. Folk artisans often provide demonstrations.

Cotroceni Palace and Museum

In days gone by, this palace was a royal residence. Many parts of the palace are as they were in the past, allowing visitors a glimpse into the days of Romanian royalty. The museum is also home to a wide selection of medieval art.

National History Museum

The neoclassical building used to be the main post office in Bucharest. Today, you can learn all about Romania’s history, with vast exhibits and information.

Theodor Pallady Museum

Housed in the city’s oldest home, Melik House, there are several sketches, paintings, and other objects from the artist, Pallady.

Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Here you can see the widest and most interesting collection of folk art in the whole country. It offers great insights into the lives of Romanian citizens. There are traditional costumes, ceramics, pottery, photos, documents, tools, furniture, films, and more.

With so many excellent museums to choose from, you really will be spoiled for choice!

As well as those featured on the list of the best museums in Bucharest, you may also like the small but interesting Communist Iconography Museum houses within the Peasant Museum, Romania’s largest national history museum, the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum, and the National Military Museum. Providing even more diversity, the National Geological Museum, the Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Art, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Romanian Railways Museum may pique your interest.

Additionally, Bucharest is home to the National Museum of Old Maps and Books, the Technical Museum, the tribute to Romanian sculptor Frederick Storck, the Storck Museum, and the private art collections in the Zambaccian Museum.

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