Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey, a country split between Europe and Asia, is a popular holiday spot. Interesting culture, a long and fascinating history, religious buildings aplenty, dynamic and lively cities, bustling markets, a plethora of attractions, and long stretches of gorgeous coastline keep tourists returning year after year.

The beaches are often a major part of a holiday in Turkey; it can, however, be tricky to choose just where to go! It can be tough deciding on the best beaches in Turkey. With many to choose between, you are sure to find the atmosphere and beach ambiance that you are looking for.

This helpful guide aims to highlight some of the best beaches in Turkey to help you prepare for your fun and memorable vacation. Here are five to consider:


Marmaris is a popular holiday spot. It sits at the point where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet, and is surrounded by pine forests. The area has a long and colourful history, and you can see remnants of various civilizations in the architecture of the region. There are plenty of nearby places to enjoy when you want a break from the beach, but for the rest of the time you can laze on glorious sands and swim in the clean, cooling waters. Water sports and boat trips are available. Night owls especially will love Marmaris, as it really knows how to throw a party come night fall!


In the heart of Istanbul, you can escape the frenetic city streets and visit the small island that entices hordes of others who are also looking for a brief respite. Whilst it will not be the focus of any stay in the city, it certainly makes for a pleasant break.


At Kabak you will find pristine stretches of shingle sands that are enveloped by pretty green pine forests. There are very little facilities and amenities on the beach, meaning that you can really enjoy a less touristic feel. Indeed, the only things nearby are a couple of camp sites! It offers the perfect escape from the tourist masses, and a sanctuary where you can enjoy a quieter beach experience and a more back to basics atmosphere. As night descends, you can see the sparkling lights from across the bay.

Olu Deniz

Picturesque Olu Deniz is often said to be one of Turkey’s best beaches. Beautiful vistas are created by stunning golden sands meeting a glistening bright blue lagoon, with the soaring Taurus Mountains nearby. Enjoy the views from above with hiking and paragliding, take to the waters for varied water sports, relax on gorgeous sands, dine at numerous establishments, and enjoy the night life that Olu Deniz has in store. There are varied accommodation options, and it attracts visitors from far and wide.


The beach at Assos may be small, but it makes up for its size with its beauty. At the bottom of a sharp outcropping, numerous old historic buildings sit above, providing a great backing.

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