Belgium and Belgian Beers!

Belgium is known for, amongst other things, its wide and varied selection of beers! It is part of the Belgian culture and heritage, and the country can boast over 400 national beers! It is a prime holiday destination for those interested in sampling the rich assortment of brewed beverages. Rather excitingly, many Belgian beers are served in their own unique glass! Presentation is everything, so don’t be surprised if your beer is brought to you on a cute little tray with a doily, and a bowl of nuts, cheese, or similar bar snacks.

Belgium has fruit beers, dark beers, blonde beers ….. in fact, almost every type of beer you can think of can be found in Belgium. Sample those that were originally made by Trappist Monks as well as those that started life in an abbey.

Drive the beer route, visit breweries, sup in countless bars and pubs, enjoy a delicious beer with a fine meal, and discover the very best of Belgian beers.

Here are some of the top attractions related to Belgian beers to experience when in the country:

Visit a Beer Festival

Various towns and cities host fabulous beer festivals at different times of the year. They are a great way to mix with the locals, learn more about the Belgian pride when it comes to beer, and sample some delicious types of the frothy brew.

The Grand Place in the capital city of Brussels is turned into a centre of excellence for beer every September. In the spring, there is a huge festival in Lustin. The Beer Festival of Mons is a weekend affair, dedicated to beers and associated traditions. Saint Gilles is home to the Bruxellensis Festival, where you can try beers that are not brewed with a sweet and fruity flavour.

Arch’en Biers strives to showcase the lesser known varieties from Walloon Brabant. At the Hops Festival in Val de Sambre one can enjoy tours of the brewery, sampling, music, crafts, and more. The International Festival of Small Breweries brings together numerous Master Brewers and their products. Others include the Special Beer Festival, the Belgian Beer Festival, and the Festival of 100 Beers.

Visit World Class Breweries

There are many breweries, big and small, all across the country. Each one offers something different for beer lovers. As well as being able to see the different brewing methods and sample the different beers, you can also buy a wide range of merchandise and products to take home with you. The headquarters of the Belgian Brewers Association is a good starting point, situated in a grand and impressive Baroque building.

At Brasserie Friart you can see where St Feuillien beer is produced, and La Brasserie Lefevre is the home of Abbey de Floreffe beers. Artisan Brewery Bruyers is one of the smallest artisan breweries in the country. The small Brewery Grain D’Orge is in a delightful village, and the Artisan and Didactic Brewery of Du Flo is within the ancient town hall.

The original beers from Bellevaux Brewery are brewed with the famous Ardennes spring water. Others include Brasserie des Fagnes, Jupiler Brewery, Brasserie Du Bocq, Brewery of the Abbey of Val-Dieu, the beautiful Maredsous Abbey, and Brasserie Brunehaut, which was founded in 1890. Additionally, you can visit the small but incredible Brasserie La Caracole and the historic Brasserie Dupont.

Explore Beer Museums

There are numerous museums dedicated to beer. These include the Brussels Gueuze Museum and Cantillon Brewery, La Binchoise Brewery and Museum, the Museum of Belgian Beers, and the novel Gambrinus Drivers Museum, which is all about beer trucks.

Drink in Various Watering Holes

A top spot in the capital to enjoy a good beer is at Les Brasseurs de la Grand Place. You can enjoy a beer that has been brewed onsite. Almost every single bar and restaurant, however, will offer a wide selection of beers for all occasions.

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