Backpacking in Argentina

Argentina is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the travelling and backpacking communities. It is easy to meet and hook up with other travellers, and there are many reasons that make Argentina a fabulous choice for the independent explorer.

Sleeping in Argentina

For many visitors, Argentina is a reasonably priced place to explore. Most major cities and towns have dormitory rooms, low price hostels, and guest houses. Even top of the range hotels are often significantly cheaper than in other places in the world. Hostels with basic cooking facilities are an excellent choice for many travellers, as they can pick up basic supplies and keep the costs down.

Travelling in Argentina

As with everywhere, public transport is cheaper than taxis. Solo travellers should certainly take a taxi at night time though rather than walking around alone. Day time walking is an ideal way to see all the sights, and whilst flights may be a lot quicker, the amount of overland buses makes this a more affordable option. They are usually very comfortable, and tickets can often be obtained by just arriving at the bus station before the bus is due to leave.

Eating in Argentina

Follow the local crowd and eat where they eat; the food will be good quality and cheaper than places aimed solely at the tourist market. Argentinean steaks are a must for all meat lovers. Cooking in a hostel, if an option, is another great way of making sure that precious funds are not wasted on needlessly pricey meals. Fruit is easily picked up for snacks and a light breakfast on the go.

Safety in Argentina

Compared with many other destinations in South America, Argentina is a relatively safe place to wander around. Solo travellers should exercise the usual rules of caution, however, and avoid carrying too many expensive items, too much cash, and flashing jewellery, electrical items, and similar.

Language in Argentina

Many younger people speak decent English. A few basic Spanish phrases will certainly go a long way though when travelling around Argentina.

Places to See When Backpacking in Argentina

There is a wealth of things to do and see in Argentina, and with many different landscapes one will certainly never feel bored. Visitors can easily see gorgeous beaches, the towering mountains of the Andes, the wild jungles, the untamed Patagonian areas, lakes, waterfalls, national parks, and more. There are many different animals that call Argentina home, leading to a really diverse wildlife. People can party the night away in lively hot spots, soak up some local charms in rustic villages, commune with nature, and many other things. Some of the most popular destinations in the country include the fabulous Iguazu Falls, the small Inca towns of Salta, the electric city of Buenos Aires, the wildlife of Puerto Madryn, the beaches of Mar de Plato, the lakes and mountains of Bariloche, Mandoza with its sumptuous steaks, and delicious wines, and the incredible growing glacier of El Calafate.

Make sure that Argentina is in a high place on your South American must see list!

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