Awesome High-Tech Hotels in Europe

Many things in today’s modern world are going high-tech, and hotels are no exception.

From smartphones to vehicles, technology is everywhere! For travellers, the innovations of technology have greatly helped in simplifying life on the go. Some really cool European hotels have chosen a new way of serving their guests; using heaps of cool gadgets and gizmos these hotels have emerged as some of the finest accommodation options around Europe.

Some of the best European high-tech places to sleep include:

Eccleston Square, London

Whilst the area of Eccleston Square radiates history, technology lives at the heart of this cool hotel. Rooms are fitted with touch-sensitive keypads to control lighting and music. The in-room iPad doubles as your personal concierge, giving you access to room service and other guest facilities. And you can even change the shower walls at the touch of your finger tips! Have fun changing the shower partition from clear to frosted with just one motion.

Blow Up Hall 5050, Poznan

The Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poland’s Poznan is a funky, high-tech hotel where you do not have to think about room keys or swipe cards. This superb hotel allows you to use your very own smartphone as your key! That means you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that nobody else can enter your room when you out, no fumbling in full bags for a small key when you come back after a night out, and reduced chances of losing the room key. The state-of-the-art room-detecting technology identifies the phone to the phone and hey presto, the door is opened.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Playa d’En Bossa

The first good thing about this hotel is that it is located between the main party area and the airport on the popular and sunny Spanish island of Ibiza. Another plus point is the check-in process; you register your credit card and fingerprints upon arrival. At first, this might sound bizarre but actually it is a very cool innovation. Once you register, simply scanning your fingerprints can take care of all your payments, whether they be for drinks or food. Just remember to take it easy at the bar so you don’t lose track of how much you fingers are costing you!

Mama Shelter, Paris

Located just a stone’s throw away from the grave of the legendary musician Jim Morrison, Mama Shelter is one of Paris’s classiest hotels. Why? One reason is that you’ll find large iMacs installed in place of television sets … so, no flicking through the channels endlessly. Watch it your way!

Prizeotel, Hamburg

Every room in this German hotel has a state-of-the-art music lamp with which guests can recharge mobile phones and make phone calls. There is a flat-screen TV and you can also get down to all your favourite tunes via Bluetooth. For business travellers, the Work&Surf Station will come in really useful, and everyone can keep on top of the latest developments around the world with the digital newspaper kiosk.

Citizen M, Amsterdam

The automated check-in system makes arriving at this swanky pad a breeze. The self-service computer allows guests to do almost anything and everything related to their accommodation. It has a ‘Mood Pad’ feature that allows guests to adjust the room temperature to suit, as well as controlling the television, lighting, and even opening and closing the curtains.

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