An Antarctic Adventure!

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For those who have travelled quite a lot and experienced a variety of different sights and cultures all over the world, knowing where to go next can be tricky.  Where could you try if you’ve seen plenty of beautiful islands, trekked through lots of amazing forests, climbed an abundance of mountains, admired temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues to your heart’s content, eaten almost every type of food that you can imagine, and have checked off many of the world’s “must-see” destinations?  How about Antarctica

An Antarctic Adventure is not for everyone, but with lots of warm clothes, a spirited sense of adventure, and a keen desire to try something new it could be ideal!  Whether you want to travel overland or join a cruise, there are lots of operators offering a variety of different ways to visit this frozen wonderland.

Here are some common questions answered about an Antarctic adventure:

When Should I Visit Antarctica?


It’s going to be cold, icy, and snowy all throughout the year – Antarctica is definitely not a place for sun bunnies!  Temperatures are almost always below freezing point, so you will be cold whenever you visit.  The “warmer” conditions are generally between the months of December and January.  This is also the time that presents fewer risks of extreme conditions and weather, and is often said to be one of the safest times to undertake an Antarctic adventure.

How Can I Get There?

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Most trips start from Argentina, Chile, or New Zealand, and you will usually need to get yourself to the starting point to join up with an organised tour. 

Why Should I Go There?

Lemaire Passage Antarctica

The main reason that most people choose to visit Antarctica is to see some of the world’s most raw and unspoiled natural scenery, and experience an environment that is likely to be very different to any that they have ever experienced before.  There is also, of course, the prestige of being able to add it to your travel list and the associated bragging rights that a trip entails.  And the photos – you are sure to come away with truly spectacular stunning pictures from your time in Antarctica.  It will be a trip of a lifetime!

What Can I See?


As well as dramatic and beautiful scenery that is constantly changing, you will see enormous and impressive icebergs that seem to shimmer and change colour as they pass you by, and you are sure to see lots of seals and penguins in their natural habitat.  It is also possible to see whales too at certain times of the year.

Are There Any Other Things to Do?

Antarctica Trip 2001

Other activities generally depend on the type of tour that you have booked and the company with which you plan to travel.  Some activities may be included in your itinerary, whilst there may be options for bookable extras.  If there are some activities that you definitely want to do whilst travelling around Antarctica you should check with the company before confirming your booking.  Examples of things that you can do in the area include ice fishing, canoeing, kayaking, camping in the snow, hiking, climbing, snow shoe walking, and wildlife spotting.

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